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Rosalía makes history at the Latin Grammys by winning again the award for best album

Rosalía continues to make history. This time at the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammys, she after winning the Best Album of the Year award with her album ‘Motomami’ and thus becoming the first woman to receive this award twice. The Latin Academy had already recognized the work of the Catalan in ‘El mal querer’ just three years ago. On this occasion, Rosalía competed with Christina Aguilera, Alejando Sanz or Bad Bunny, a great absentee at the gala, among others.

“Motomami is the record that I’ve had to fight the most to make. The one that has cost me the most, I pushed forward and it is the one that has given me the most joy”, the artist said excitedly from the stage of the Michelob ULTRA Arena. “Thank you for always supporting my music even though my music is always changing,” she continued, thanking her family, partner and her team.

Likewise, the author of the commercial success ‘Despechá’ took another three awards in the categories of best recording engineering for an album, best alternative music album and best packaging design for the same record work, ‘Motomami’. “My happiness is sharing this moment with my loved ones,” Rosalía commented minutes later in the press room with her partner, also nominated Rauw Alejandro. “I feel very proud to succeed with an album led by myself as a woman,” she added from San Cugat del Vallés.

The star of the night was, however, and against all odds, the Uruguayan artist Jorge Drexler, winning seven gramophones, including the best song and recording of the year for ‘Tocarte’, a song he shares with C. Tangana. “What I feel is inexplicable, this is a song I made in 6 hours with Pucho (C. Tangana). My favorite was Bad Bunny”, explained the Uruguayan after receiving the award.

The Puerto Rican, with ten nominations, was also the favorite in the polls, but could not prevail in any of the three most relevant categories with which the Latin Recording Academy honors its musicians of the moment: the award for song of the year , the one related to the recording and the one for the best album. However, Benito Martínez Ocasio, the artist’s real name, ended up getting five gramophones despite not even attending the event.

Drexler’s success last night in Las Vegas grew during the ceremony as he picked up the awards for Record of the Year, Best Pop Song, Best Alternative Song, Best Songwriter Album, Best Portuguese Language Song and Song of the Year. The musician did not tire of expressing his amazement at being the most awarded of the night, but he celebrated the existing “bridges” that the Spanish language has created in music in all its various styles. Rosalía even joked about the Uruguayan’s success in collecting her prize in the premier class: “It took me three years to do it, I thought Jorge was going to win again. (…) Congratulations, Jorge”.

The Argentinian Fito Páez, winner of three Latin Grammys, has just demonstrated the great moment of coexistence that Latin music currently enjoys thanks to recognized fusions of genres and styles. “My victory is not a return to the roots because here you do not compete between genders. We are in a moment of great revolution and democratization of music. I don’t know where the machinery is going, that must be answered by musicologists”, argued the rocker, refusing any comparison between genres such as reggaeton and traditional Latin music.

The Hispanic scene has shown that it is increasingly difficult, and it makes less sense for experts, to categorize musical productions from a region as rich in its variety as it is in opportunities. Evidence of this is that one of the most anticipated moments of the night was her naming Ángela Álvarez as best new artist, a 95-year-old Cuban woman who began her career as a singer in old age promoted by the grandson of she. Finally, the nonagenarian shared an award with the young Mexican singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada in an attractive generational contrast in which both shared that “therein lies the beauty of music.” “What is new music? What does age matter? What prevails is honesty and making someone else feel thanks to her, ”Álvarez and Estrada agreed in another of the most outstanding moments of the gala.

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