Tuesday, October 19

Rosaries and ovaries

It seems incredible, at this point in history, that we have to continue to defend, even to defend again, the property of our bodies and our lives from the abuse and violence of dark fellows who seek to dominate them, appropriate our freedom to be and decide. We are seeing it with the rebound in attacks against LGTBIQ + people. We are seeing it about the people who want to exercise the right that the euthanasia law includes over the end of their vital time. We are seeing it about women who exercise their right to interrupt a pregnancy that only and exclusively concerns their body and their biography. Pedro Zerolo has already warned us that it is very difficult to achieve rights but very easy to lose them again (I prefer to say to recover because rights belong and, if we have to fight for them, it is because they have been usurped).

It seems incredible that right now there is this desire to control the free self-determination of the existence of others, just when we should be joining forces in the face of the serious collective problems that threaten us or that are already a fact of dramatic consequences, such as the destruction of a planet without which our species and the others could not survive or the avoidable climate change, which is and will be the source of catastrophes and enormous suffering. Dark congeners don’t care too much about all that, even if it affects them as well; what matters to them is what the others do with their own bodies, even if they are not affected in the least and even if they add individual harm to collective harm. Dark and foolish.

The dark fellows are everywhere violating the rights of other people’s bodies, something that should be closely guarded by democratic forces, but which is not. The right of women to free and safe abortion, for example. In Spain it is regulated by a law whose provision is not effective throughout the State and which can even be denied by public health. Feminisms managed to recover that self-determination of women about their bodies and their lives, but the dark congeners harass them before the centers that practice the interruption of pregnancy, when they go to exercise the freedom of that interruption, in the same way that many professionals harass them by refusing to comply with that obligation in public hospitals that also belong to women who decide to abort.

These reasons have prompted the Government to modify the law that prevents the entire workforce from being able to claim conscientious objection to perform abortions in these hospitals, or that this right is not available in certain autonomous territories. Now it happens that women who freely go for abortions meet groups of dark fellows who harass and intimidate them, although they say that they are only going to pray for them. We continue to run into the Church, so many years after feminisms remind them that they have to get their rosaries out of our ovaries. They do not accept that our bodies are sovereign and we are sovereign over our bodies. The Catholic Church is nothing in the face of that sovereignty, not a single one of its henchmen (whether political parties or individuals) is anyone to arrogate as a bailiff of what does not belong to them. We give birth We decide.

The right to freely and voluntarily decide whether or not a woman wants to continue with her pregnancy and bring a child into the world only corresponds to her as a human, sexual and reproductive right, and access to the interruption must be legal, safe and free if we aspire to an egalitarian society, which cannot see this progress hindered and restricted by the weight of a religion that, in addition to being macho, patriarchal and hypocritical (its women also abort, I attest), is not entitled to govern the citizens of a non-denominational state. Our bodies and our lives are none of your business. We are unruly, gentlemen.

Among the political henchmen of the lords of the cassock – those of the PP and those of Vox – are those deputies who call a woman “witch”, “drunk”, “crazy” or “infanticide”. Of course, they voted against the bill that the PSOE presented the other day in Congress, but they also took the opportunity to continue making the chamber a stage for their sustained strategy of insult and tension. All those epithets launched the spokesman José María Sánchez García to the socialist Laura Berja. In the absence of sabers, ‘let them talk about us even if it is bad’ has become their crude parliamentary noise. They are the same, of course, who say that trying to stop the harassment of the harassers of women in the clinics where they are going to abort, that it is punishable by law to call them murderers, is to go against freedom of expression. What the Francoists understand by freedom of expression is funny.

It is an evidence, then, that the rights partially recovered over our bodies are trying to be usurped again by those dark congeners with habit or tie. And it is obvious that, faced with this, feminist women must resist, rebel, defend our autonomy and support the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, in her work to modify the abortion law. All women who call themselves feminists must show that support. Those who do not do so will be abandoning the women who are harassed in the clinics, also turning their backs on those who are abandoned in public hospitals, also repudiating those who are taken from their sovereignty over their bodies. They will be betraying you. In times when rosaries want to re-oppress our ovaries, feminist women cannot afford to take one step back. No one has to pray for us.


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