Wednesday, August 10

Rouco, Camino, Sanz, Mayor Oreja… A summer course turned into an ultra-Catholic ‘conclave’ against euthanasia in Avilés

This August 20, Antonio María Rouco has turned 85 years old. Who was the absolute leader of the Spanish Church for two decades, especially during the end of the pontificate of John Paul II and throughout the mandate of Benedict XVI (this week, precisely, marks a decade of World Youth Day in Madrid ), is reluctant to stop setting a trend in the episcopate of our country, one of the most timid when it comes to betting on Pope Francis’ reforms, and continues to defend –as it did during the first term of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero– the confrontation against the government.

On this occasion, the protagonist has been the euthanasia law, and the setting, the summer courses in La Granda (Avilés), which this week have hosted a ‘conclave’ with a good part of the rigorous sector of the Episcopal Conference. Thus, Rouco Varela has been accompanied by what many consider to be his natural successor, the Archbishop of Oviedo, Jesús Sanz; his nephew, the Bishop of Lugo Alfonso Carrasco Rouco; and who was secretary general and spokesman of the EEC (and today auxiliary bishop of Madrid), Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, in charge of directing a talk under the title “Right to ‘die’? Euthanasia seen medically, legally, ethically and theologically “.

Along with them, close collaborators of Rouco during his time in the EEC, such as the former Episcopal press chief, Isidro Catela; or professors such as Ignacio Sánchez Cámara, who insisted that “the right to life must be protected by the rule of law, and that there is no right to die, much less a right that forces the doctor to end the life of the ill”. In the background, the ‘hot autumn’ predicted by other ultra organizations, such as ‘Derecho a Vivir’ (from the orbit of HazteOir and El Yunque), or the Catholic Association of Propagandists, which have already announced demonstrations and rallies against the law of euthanasia, abortion, trans law or educational reform.

The thesis defended by many of the participants, in the words of Martínez Camino, is that the future euthanasia law “has been promoted unilaterally, ideologically and hastily”, at a particularly delicate moment due to the COVID-19 crisis. .

For Camino, “it is never the time for a euthanasia law when there is a state that works well.” “This law is going to be very harmful,” concluded the auxiliary bishop of Madrid, who denounced that “the opinion of the Bioethics Committee of Spain, or associations of doctors, health workers, the elderly, the sick, has not been requested.”

Mayor Oreja: “Obsessive thirst for revenge against the Church”

The congress was closed by the former Interior Minister with José María Aznar, Jaime Mayor Oreja, who denounced “an obsessive thirst for revenge towards the social order implanted by the Church many years ago” and called for promoting “creative minorities to defeat relativism “.

“Abortion was evil, but euthanasia supposes the evolution of this evil,” lamented Mayor Oreja, current president of the European Federation One of Us (also in the orbit of HazteOir). For the popular politician, “this is no longer a political issue. The European Union is losing its Christian dimension. They intend to destroy the social order and replace it with social disorder. For example, regulate a transsexuality in which underage children decide, or the obsessive need to damage, weaken and destroy the idea of ​​family as we know it, as well as various laws on sexual freedom or historical memory; they are only part of a great legal and juridical framework built to make us illegal “.

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