Friday, January 21

Rovi enters the IBEX 35 through the front door

Laboratorios Rovi becomes part of today in the select IBEX club. It is the finishing touch to a perfect year, thanks, among other projects, to the agreement signed with the American pharmacy Moderna for the manufacture of its vaccine in Spain.

This has led Rovi to become this year the best value on the Spanish stock market, with a revaluation that exceeds 83 percent.

Rovi’s shares will start today on the IBEX 35 from 69.1 euros, after rising 1.77 percent in last Friday’s session.

Brilliant results

The results presented by the company have also been very brilliant. Between January and September, its net profit doubled, reaching 98.9 million euros, after its income grew 53 percent thanks to the agreement with Moderna.

Additionally, the continuing drip of booster dose approvals in many countries is good news for Rovi as it will increase production of Moderna’s vaccine.

Rovi quickly recovered from the punishment he suffered at the end of August, when the deaths of three Japanese citizens were linked to the inoculation of doses of Moderna manufactured by the Spanish company.

The value, which on August 23, when the news was known, was trading at 67.90 euros, fell to 50 euros in a week.

A further investigation of Moderna and its distributor in Japan, Takeda, concluded that the contaminating particles detected in some vials did not pose an excessive risk to health.

The Japanese Ministry of Health also found no relationship between the three deaths and the vaccines.

Rovi will take the place of Viscofán

From today, Rovi will occupy the place left by Viscofán, which entered the IBEX 35 five years ago.

It was in June 2016 when the IBEX 35 Technical Committee decided to enter Viscofan together with Cellnex to replace OHL and Sacyr.

But that was not the first time that Viscofán was listed on the IBEX 35. Three years earlier, in 2013, it replaced Gamesa, although its presence was short-lived because it left in December 2014, when Endesa entered its place.

Viscofán’s share closed its tenure on the IBEX 35 with a fall of 2.67 percent. In the year as a whole, more than 5 percent is left.