Friday, December 3

Rovi walks safely despite cutting Moderna guides

Modern He pointed out that he expects to close the year with revenues of between 15,000 million dollars and 18,000 million in sales of products to third parties, from the 20,000 million that he announced at the end of the first half.

The reason, the American now points out, is that eexpects to produce between 700 and 800 million doses of its vaccine against coronavirus this year when in June it reported a target of between 800 million and 1 billion sera.

The announcement comes in the context of a trade war with rivals to secure the largest number of contracts for the third dose or booster dose. In the case of Pfizer, his forecast is for $ 29 billion in sales in 2022 from $ 36 billion for this year.

Administration to minors, blocked

On the other hand, the American health authority, the FDA for its acronym in English, it has blocked the emergency authorization of sale of Moderna’s vaccine for minors between 12 and 17 years of age, estimating that it needs more time to analyze the application.

The FDA claims that there are cases of myocarditis, a heart disease, in volunteers inoculated with Moderna’s remedy and wants to verify if these cases are directly related to the vaccine, so the authorization could be delayed until January.

Despite the pitfalls, Rovi, Moderna’s preferred partner for the manufacture of the vaccine, will be able to comply with the increase in guidelines announced to the market on the occasion of the presentation of results until September.

Rovi targets revenue increases of 45 percent

The Spanish laboratory has set the goal of closing the year with an increase in operating income to a range of between 40 percent and 45 percent and advanced some first forecasts for 2022 where it hopes to raise them “In the middle band of the first ten”, between 5 percent and 10 percent.

This is the third upward revision of the guidelines so far this year and the reason has always been the same: the agreement with Moderna. The income achieved by the association, which has caused Rovi to double the profit from January to September compared to the same period last year, would increase thanks to a new alliance with its partner.

In addition to the manufacturing and filling of Moderna serum vials, since April it also manufactures the active principle, which becomes a master key to increase and fulfill your guides.

Conservatism as insurance

Despite this, the experts indicate a key fact about Rovi’s raison d’être when offering forecasts to the market and that it goes through extreme conservatism.

“The visibility for this year is really high due to the mere fact that it has three guide improvements, the best proof that they are being very conservative”, says the analyst of Intermoney Juan Ros.

This expert does not see “problems” for him to comply with what was announced this year due to events such as that he has always complied with what was announced thanks to launching figures “Very cautious” that allow you to meet strategic plans with margin “Something the market is aware of”.

Increased pressure by 2021

Despite this, Ros stresses that it is necessary to show “Some caution in the face of change, especially in the face of 2022, although the guidelines are once again very conservative”.

Other investment entities such as Bankinter they also believe that guides are “Feasible” to meet and from Sabadell Bank strongly state that these are revenue targets “Conservatives”.

Investors did not want to wait and Rovi shares closed the session with a fall of 0.32 percent despite the fact that they had started on Thursday with increases that reached more than 3 percent, although the falls came to pass 4 percent. percent in the session, and after closing on Wednesday, the day of presentation of results, with a rise of 3.95 percent.

The more cautious shareholders prefer to collect profits in the event of a breach of what was announced in a security that leaves substantial returns to investors because up 90 percent in the last 12 months, 60 percent in 2021.