Wednesday, August 10

Rowenta Care for You, for examination: the questions you have sent us (and their answers) about this ironing robot

A few weeks ago we asked you to send us your questions about el Rowenta Care for You, an ironing robot with which you can simply hang your clothes and make them ironed with its steam system. It is a type of device that is not yet too common, so there are quite a few questions that you have left us.

Q&A on Rowenta Care for You, on video

The first question is the most normal in cases like this device, and you have asked us how it works exactly. What this ironing robot does is release steam to remove wrinkles. With cycles of 10 minutes it is usually more than enough, but the longer they are, the better you will iron. In addition, there are some weights that you can put so that the clothes are stretched and fit better.

Up to three people have asked us about the type of garments that this robot is capable of ironing. And its strong point is that can iron almost any type of garment, except those that have symbols of not drying or not drying with heat. But you can use it from shirts and jackets to pants, cushions, quilts. Anything as long as it does not have electrical components.

By proxy, you can even iron pants with stripe As long as you know how to place it, although here the result is not like that of a traditional iron. Your ironing cycle can last between 10 and 30 minutes, you can put up to three garments at the same time. Another advantage is that it makes almost no noise when it works.

Answering other questions, the Rowenta Care For You does not have an application or voice assistant, you can only control it with its remote. Its power is 3100 watts of power, and it has to be constantly plugged into the power. You can also adjust it to the size of different clothes.

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