Saturday, September 25

Royal battle for democracy against the extreme right

In a debate organized by The Guardian this week, Hillary Clinton maintained the thesis that the United States faces a “real battle for democracy” with the extreme right. The drift that has occurred in the Republican Party and that seems to have not only consolidated but even deepened after the defeat of Donald Trump in the last presidential elections, has placed the political confrontation in those terms.

Aware that it is a minority party and that it tends to be more and more as a consequence of the evolution that is taking place in the composition of the population, which the 2020 census has shown, the Republican Party has decided to question in a preventive way whatever results the polls throw. Elections are only fair if it is the Republican candidate who is elected. Otherwise, it is that there has been electoral fraud. The general suspicion of electoral fraud is the message that the Republican Party is permanently sending to the population with the assistance of a large part of the judiciary.

The Republican Party is unwilling to accept the “legitimacy” of a Democratic Party government. He is trying to avoid this by reforming the electoral laws of the states in which he governs, in order to make it difficult, if not impossible, for African American, Latino and Asian citizens to vote, thereby guaranteeing victory. But, assuming that it still doesn’t succeed, it is spreading the message that the elections are not reliable, because electoral fraud has become part of the system itself.

The way in which the war in Afghanistan has been ended has led to public opinion raising the question of whether or not the withdrawal from Afghanistan marks the end of the American empire (John Lee Anderson. The New Yorker. 1 de September). But, in my opinion, what is happening in Texas is a better indicator than the end of the military presence in Afghanistan.

The combination that has occurred in Texas of ending the termination of pregnancy as a constitutional right of pregnant women with the participation of the conservative majority of the Supreme Court and the approval of an electoral law reform that will make it impossible for the Democratic Party can win the elections, it is the most powerful indicator of the degradation of democracy and the consequent end of the hegemony of the United States.

Texas is replacing California as the trendsetting state in the evolution of the American political system. And it is doing it with the imposition of the strategy of the extreme right. A similar strategy is already underway in other states. And in just over a year the midterm elections will be held, the results of which are usually negative for the party that is in the White House.

The real battle for democracy against the extreme right that Hillary Clinton referred to in the debate organized by The Guardian will have a decisive moment in these elections. A Republican majority in both Congress and the Senate can emerge from them, turning Joe Biden into a sort of Jimmy Carter, that is, a failed President, who would leave fertile ground for far-reaching Republican Party hegemony.

And a Republican Party that we already know, after the trajectory of Donald Trump, that it is not willing to accept the alternation in power. The years of Donald Trump’s presidency have eroded the prestige of American democracy considerably. It is in this prestige and not in its military force that the strength of the United States resided. It was the model of democracy to imitate.

In what is happening in Texas and not in what has happened in Afghanistan is where the war for democracy is being waged against the extreme right. The result will affect us all.

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