Saturday, December 4

Rufián warns of the risk that the extreme right governs the world and Vox takes himself for granted and responds: “So be it”

Esquerra’s spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, issued a warning Thursday during the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies: “Either the left, all the left fight against this terrible inequality, or the extreme right will rule the world.” In reaction to his speech, Vox replied on his Twitter account: “What does the prophet Rufián say that we are going to rule the world. So be it.”

“The 1% have as much as the remaining 99%. People like Amancio Ortega, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, and five more people, own the same as 3.6 billion people on the entire planet. That is, 8 people own the same as half of the planet, “Rufián began his speech during the debate on the Budgets in the Congress of Deputies.

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