Tuesday, October 19

Russia and Iran agree to coordinate to implement a common strategy towards Afghanistan

Correspondent in Moscow



Russia continues to join allies to design a common policy with respect to the Taliban differentiated from that proposed by the United States and the European Union. After agreeing with China on some of the measures to be applied in view of the ‘normalization’ of the current situation in Afghanistan and the subsequent period, when the economy of a country that has been in a state of war for decades has to be raised, Moscow it also incorporates Iran in such efforts.

This was announced yesterday in the capital of Russia by the Russian and Iranian Foreign Ministersí, Sergei Lavrov and Hussein Amir-Abdollahian. The two foreign ministers spoke of “coordinating” their policies in relation to the new Afghan authorities. It seems to be looking the other way at sensitive issues such as women’s rights or the brutal application of Islamic law, Sharia, with public executions or punishments that include the amputation of limbs.

The Kremlin’s arguments are intended to be “pragmatic,” since, as it has repeatedly stated President Vladimir Putin’s emissary for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, at the present time “there is no alternative to the Taliban.” For this reason, the Russian authorities believe that we must look to the future and think more about rebuilding the Central Asian country, providing it with a more or less efficient economy and creating infrastructures that contribute to its development.

Against terrorism

Russia also wants the Taliban regime commits to “fighting terrorism,” Lavrov said during the joint press conference that he offered in the company of his Iranian colleague, referring specifically to Daesh. Afghanistan must cease to be a source of regional and global instability. We call on the new Afghan authorities to fight uncompromisingly against terrorist groups, as well as against the illegal trafficking of drugs and weapons, ”declared the head of Russian Diplomacy.

In his words, “Russia and Iran stand in solidarity with the Afghans. They have endured more than two decades of geopolitical experiments by Washington, they have a legitimate right to prosperity and peace in their own land. “We see this as the guarantee of internal political stabilization, ensuring the balance of all ethno-confessional and political groups, ensuring their incorporation when creating the new power structures,” added Lavrov.

He also noted that Moscow and Tehran “seek ways to intensify international cooperation to help in the post-conflict reconstruction of Afghanistan, we start from the need to involve the relevant international organizations in solving the entire spectrum of humanitarian and economic problems.” The Russian minister praised the huge and significant contribution of Iran, which has hosted millions of Afghan refugees.

For his part, Amir-Abdollahian took the opportunity to garner the support of Russia at a time of tension with Azerbaijan and warned that “we will not tolerate geopolitical changes in the Caucasus and we are very concerned about the presence of terrorists and Zionists in this region.” For a week, the tension has been installed on the border between Iran and Azerbaijan, countries that until now had good relations.

The cause has been the increased cooperation between Baku and Tel-Aviv, Iran’s sworn enemy. Israel now supplies weapons to Azerbaijan and has even allegedly deployed its military to the border with Iran with the alleged aim of observing military exercises in the Islamic Republic. Azerbaijan has denied such a deployment.

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