Wednesday, March 22

Russia announces “partial restriction” of access to Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

Russia announced a “partial restriction” on access to Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg’s social network limited posts from some Kremlin-affiliated media outlets.

AP news agency reported that the measure was applied by the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Mass Media, which accused Facebook of censoring media related to the Russian government.

The report did not specify what the partial suspension consists of.

In recent hours, major US technology companies have been pressured to cut their business ties with Russia, as part of economic and financial sanctions. announced by the administration of President Joe Biden and the European Union.

The package of restrictions would contemplate eliminating commercial ties with subjects related to the Kremlin. One of the companies affected by the sanctions would be YouTube, the video giant of the conglomerate Alphabet (the parent company of Google), which has a significant audience in Russia and several youtubers related to Putin who justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This is the case of the journalist Vladimir Solovyov, who is in charge of a channel with 1.7 million subscribers and is known for his positions hostile to the government of President Volodímir Zelensky and favorable to President Putin.

The limitation imposed by Facebook on Ukrainian media would be a way of being in tune with the sanctions announced by Biden, who assured that with his economic restrictions he will make Putin “a pariah in the international arena.”

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