Tuesday, March 21

Russia: Electric Car Drivers Suffer Ukrainian “Revenge” | Digital Trends Spanish

The hostilities in Eastern Europe added a new and anecdotal chapter. This time there were no gunshots or violence, but a silent and technological revenge.

This was demonstrated by Russian drivers who came to charge their electric cars at the stations of the local firm Rosseti, whose main components are delivered by a Ukrainian supplier.

The situation occurred on the M11 highway, which connects the cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. When the owners wanted to refuel, they found that the charging station had been hacked, Rosseti admitted.

Through an open tender, the charging stations were acquired in 2020 from the local firm Gzhelprom. However, elements such as the software were developed by the Ukrainian AutoEnterprise, whose employees ended up sabotaging them after the invasion decreed by President Vladimir Putin.

Located in Járkov (Kharkiv), one of the cities bombed by Russian forces, it was the firm itself that confirmed the hack. In its Facebook page published a video showing the charging stations out of service and displaying various messages on their screens.

“Putin is a m…” and “Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the heroes” were some of the slogans that the activists left as messages to the impotent drivers of the neighboring country.

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