Friday, September 22

Russia includes imprisoned opponent Navalni on the list of “terrorists and extremists”

Russia added the main opponent to power, Alexei Navalni, imprisoned for a year, on the list of “terrorists and extremists” of Rosfinmonitoring, the country’s financial watchdog service.

The AFP consulted this list on Tuesday and it has also included one of Navalni’s closest collaborators, Liubov Sobol, who decided to go into exile in the face of harassment by the authorities.

In this catalog there are thousands of people and organizations banned in Russia, such as the jihadists of the Islamic State or the Afghan Taliban.

According to Navalni’s Anti-Corruption Fund, which has been banned since June, at least nine other people linked to the movement were also added to the list.

This decision is framed in a context of repression against critical voices in the country.

In mid-January, Navalni’s two main collaborators, Ivan Khdanov and Léonid Volkov, who also went into exile, were already included.

Navalni was arrested on January 17, 2021 upon arrival in Moscow, after months of convalescence in Germany after being poisoned in Siberia, a fact for which the opponent blames Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia has not opened an investigation into this assassination attempt and considers that there is no evidence since Germany has not shared the medical tests carried out on Navalni.

This 45-year-old furious opponent of the Kremlin was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on his return to Russia for a case of “fraud”, an accusation that he considers purely political.

His conviction sparked a barrage of international criticism and new Western sanctions against Russia.