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Russia is behind 58 percent of cyber attacks | Digital Trends Spanish

Russia was behind 58 percent of cyberattacks in the past year, according to a new Microsoft security report.

According to the companyThese attacks come from state agents and are proving increasingly dangerous: they went from 21 percent effective to 32 percent, in the span of a year.

This entire security report is based on the events that Microsoft observes and records. In addition to Russia, other countries from where these attacks are carried out are North Korea (23 percent), Iran (11 percent) and China (8 percent).

“Over the past year, groups based in Russia have solidified their position as a major threat to the systemic digital ecosystem,” the report reads, “and have demonstrated adaptability, persistence, a willingness to leverage technical links and relationships, and a facility for use open source tools that makes their detection very difficult ”.

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Microsoft mentions that precisely the group called Nobelium was the one that caused the most damage with its attack on the US company SolarWinds, because “its operating techniques were much more diverse than just using a malicious back door.”

Meanwhile, the countries that receive the most cyber attacks are the United States (46 percent), Ukraine (19 percent) and the United Kingdom (9 percent). Likewise, these attacks are mainly directed at government offices (48 percent) and non-governmental organizations or think tanks (31 percent).

The company behind the new Windows 11 ensures that the private sector is key to defending the government’s network infrastructure, but they also recognize that groups of hackers like Nobelium they always manage to stay ahead of even the most advanced cybersecurity teams.

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