Monday, March 4

Russia responds to the blocking of Instagram with the Rossgram app | Digital Trends Spanish

The invasion of Ukraine has had a number of costs for Russia, ranging from international repudiation to a growing list of economic sanctions. Another of the effects of the war has been a kind of digital blackout, which is why a group of local entrepreneurs started Rossgram, an application to overcome the blocking of Instagram and Meta subsidiaries.

In addition to the possibility of sharing photos and videos, the new software launches functions such as crowdfunding and paid access to some content. Judging by the images of its interface shared by Alexander Zobov, one of the promoters, the design and color palette closely resemble those of his American rival, he reported. Reuters.

As published on the VKontakte social network, who also serves as Rossgram’s public relations director, “my partner Kirill Filimonov and our group of developers were already prepared for this turn of events and decided not to miss the opportunity to create a Russian analogue of the popular social network loved by our compatriots”.

The British news agency recalled that “in recent months” Russia has shown multiple locally manufactured products in hardware and software. Some examples are the AYYA T1 smartphones from the state-owned conglomerate Rostec and Yappy, Gazprom Media’s answer to the Chinese platform TikTok.

At the close of this note, which coincided with the launch date of the app, it was impossible to access Rossgram from Latin America. Its description in search engines indicated that it was “a new social network with a familiar and intuitive interface, ample opportunities and simple usability.”

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