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Russia-Ukraine War: maps and webcams of the conflict | Digital Trends Spanish

Russian troops advance in their invasion of Ukraine, with reports indicating they are in the capital Kiev. In the midst of the devastation and the claims of the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenksi, who reproached NATO for leaving Ukraine alone to confront Russia, President Putin calls on the Ukrainian military to take power.

The eyes of the world are on Ukraine, and technology offers an overview of the conflict, so below we share some pages with online maps showing the advance of the Russian Army and also web cameras showing some of the key points of Kiev, which at any moment could be taken by Putin’s forces.

Map of the Rondeli Foundation

The Rondeli Foundation map shows the location of Russian artillery, air defense and naval units. All data is based on the military nomenclature MIL-STD-2525D, so understanding exactly what each icon indicates requires understanding it. Likewise, it shows in a simple, and above all graphic way, the advance of Russian troops in Ukraine.

LiveU map

The LiveU map shows you in real time how the Russian invasion of Ukraine is progressing.

LiveUmap is a platform that records events in real time, and the case of the war between Russia and Ukraine is no exception. Unlike the Rondeli Foundation map, the cards are much more graphic and therefore easy to understand.

The Flightradar 24 portal shows that civil air traffic in Ukraine is non-existent.

Another useful tool is Flightradar 24which although it is not used to follow war conflicts, but to track air traffic, right now it shows quite graphically the situation in Ukraine, where civil flights are missing.

Live Ukraine Webcams

Another useful tool to follow the Russo-Ukrainian War in real time is webcams. The newspaper Brand has a live feed from the AP agency, which points directly to the central square of Kiev.

Other options to follow the conflict are Baltic Live Cam, which has images from cameras in the cities of Odessa, Lviv and the capital Kiev.

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