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Russia-Ukraine War: The Most Trusted Twitter Accounts | Digital Trends Spanish

The war between Russia and Ukraine is not only being fought on the battlefield, but also on social networks. Proof of this is the harsh exchange of tweets between the two countries, with the Ukrainian government comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. To avoid falling into disinformation, we have compiled the Most trusted Twitter accounts about the Russia-Ukraine war.

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Although we select some of the accounts to obtain first-hand information, when it comes to such a conflict it is always important to be cautious and, as far as possible, check the information with authorized sources.

humanitarian organizations

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Although numerous fundraising campaigns have been launched for the Ukrainian army, the truth is that many of them can turn into scams. A safe way to support the victims is through the humanitarian agencies that are in Ukraine.


One way to avoid misinformation is to use fake news verification tools and check it out through some of the accounts available on Twitter. These are some that you can consult.


Another sure way to follow the details of the conflict is through journalists and media outlets who are reporting directly from Kiev and Moscow.

official accounts

Another alternative to stay informed about the official statements of those involved in the conflict is to follow the accounts of the authorities and governments of both countries, in addition to those of other countries and organizations that are intervening.



Russian authorities do not usually have personal accounts, but they do communicate through institutional ones.

Other political actors

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