Thursday, September 16

Russia will not evacuate its embassy in Kabul after receiving security guarantees from the Taliban



The Russian government has initiated procedures to convene an extraordinary meeting of the United Nations Security Council after the entry of the Taliban in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul.

“We are working on it,” the director of the Department for Asia of the Foreign Ministry told the official Russian news agency Sputnik. Zamir Kabulov.

Kabulov has indicated that, unlike other countries, Russia does not yet plan to evacuate its embassy staff. “We are not preparing the evacuation of the Embassy staff,” he indicated.

According to the diplomat, and despite the Taliban presence in the capital, the Embassy “carries out its functions normally and closely follows the development of the situation in the country.”

Kabulov recalled that the Taliban have given “a long time ago” security guarantees for diplomatic personnel of all the countries present in Afghanistan.

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