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Russian businessman appears in the US for stealing information from Tesla | Digital Trends Spanish

A Russian businessman appeared before a US court after being accused of hacking and stealing stock market reports from several US companies, including Tesla.

Russian national Vladislav Klyushin was extradited to the US from Switzerland and is charged, along with four other Russians, for his alleged role in a global conspiracy to obtain unauthorized access to US networks to commit wire and securities fraud. https://t.co/Egeiqs6Xge pic.twitter.com/xgp3FkBKkL

& mdash; FBI (@FBI) December 20, 2021

The reports were allegedly stolen by Vladislav Klyushin, a 41-year-old businessman dedicated to cybersecurity and allegedly linked to the Russian government, whom the United States justice accuses of trafficking stock market information equivalent to millions of dollars.

Klyushin, US prosecutors say, hacked along with others into companies such as Tesla, SS&C Technologies, Capstead Mortgage and Nevro Corp., from which he stole their stock earnings reports before they were shared with shareholders and investors. general public. With this information, maintains the justice of the United States, Klyushin and other Russian citizens would have obtained millionaire profits by carrying out fraudulent operations.

According to the authorities, Klyushin and his team obtained about 500 stock market reports between 2018 and 2020, with which they obtained illegal profits of about $ 82 million dollars, according to information from the National Securities Market Commission, the body that regulates listed companies. on the US stock market.

For these crimes, Klyushin was extradited by Switzerland last Saturday and appeared on Monday, December 20, before a court in Boston.

The businessman, who according to US authorities has ties to Alexei Gromov – a senior Russian government official who exercises control over that country’s media – faces charges of conspiracy, unauthorized access to computers, fraudulent financial transfers and stock fraud , for which he would face several decades in prison.

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