Tuesday, July 5

Saber noise in Peru: a group of ex-military calls for a coup against Castillo if Justice confirms that there was no fraud

A letter allegedly signed by hundreds of retired Peruvian soldiers asks the commanders-in-chief of the Armed Forces to ignore the validity of Pedro Castillo’s victory in the presidential elections. The authors of the letter argue that if the Justice dismisses the claims of fraud that the right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori has presented, the Army should rise up against “an illegal and illegitimately proclaimed president.”

Peru, a country that seems to have lost its mind

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Sources of the Ministry of Defense have confirmed to Efe that the heads of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces. They received a letter in which it is argued that the military authorities “could not accept an illegitimately invested supreme commander as a result of fraud” or the result of “irregularities.”

Keiko Fujimori, who was the loser after the vote counting in the last presidential elections, is, along with her political allies, the only one who maintains the existence of electoral fraud, without having provided reliable evidence. For this reason, he asked the electoral courts to annul hundreds of thousands of votes in the electoral strongholds of Castillo.

The letter was received by the Chief of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, General César Astudillo; the Commander General of the Navy, Admiral Ricardo Menéndez; the General Commander of the Army, General Manuel Gómez de la Torre, and the General Commander of the Air Force, General Rodolfo Pereyra.

The acting Peruvian president, Francisco Sagasti, assured this Friday that both the Armed Forces and the National Police are “neutral and non-deliberative” and that the letter has been sent to the Public Ministry to assess whether it incurs in “conducts harmful to order. constitutional”.

The letter endorses Fujimori’s arguments

In the document, the ex-officers express their “deep concern about the threat that looms against the democratic stability” of the country, as a result of the way in which the second electoral round has been carried out, in which Castillo obtained 50.12% of the votes.

The retired military pick up Fujimori’s version that Castillo’s party, Peru Libre, had committed “systematic fraud” with false signatures and adulterations in the vote.

In this sense, they argue that if the National Elections Jury (JNE) ignores or dismisses the complaints of Fuerza Popular, Fujimori’s party, and proclaims a winner “ignoring his functions and responsibilities, we would have an illegal and illegitimately proclaimed president, for be the consequence of a crime committed by the electoral actors “.

The JNE is already analyzing the claims presented by Fuerza Popular, the vast majority presented outside the established legal term.

At the moment, no case of those analyzed has proved Fujimori right, who did not provide any reliable evidence of his accusations.

According to these retired soldiers, the Constitution recognizes the right to non-obedience and to ignore as president and supreme head of the Armed Forces and National Police “a person who has been appointed violating the Constitution and the Laws of our country, and may appeal to Congress of the Republic to provide a democratic solution and in accordance with the Law “.

Likewise, they affirm that the civilian population “has the right of insurgency in defense of the Constitutional Order” and that “the acts of those who usurp public functions are null.”

The letter from the ex-officers joins others published on social networks in recent days by other soldiers in the reserve, which have fueled the climate of tension and uncertainty about the electoral results.

The JNE has indicated that it will only announce the results of the second presidential round when it has resolved all the minutes observed and the requests for annulment, which could be legally presented until 8:00 p.m. on June 9.

Doubts about the authenticity of the letter

However, the letter, apparently supported by an extensive list of names, does not have signatures, and it is observed that there are at least four or five deaths among those who supposedly sign it, official sources have indicated.

For this reason, the Ministry will submit the letter to an investigation to verify its authenticity and then “determine if a complaint is appropriate” on its content, which could incur serious crimes for inciting to violate the Constitution and Peruvian laws.