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Sabina gets rid of Pancho Varona and his “so left” past

Sabina is changing. At 73 years old, she has fired her collaborator and live guitarist Pancho Varona. “Joaquín Sabina has decided, against all odds, not to count on me on his next tour”, Varona has published in a message on Twitterplaying with the title of the tour of the singer-songwriter Against all odds is a tour that begins in Costa Rica in February 2023, goes through Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay to arrive in Spain in April. There are already exhausted seats, such as those in Buenos Aires, Malaga, Alicante, the two dates in Madrid in May (another two have been added in December 2023), the two in A Coruña, Valencia, Bilbao, Murcia, Seville, Granada, Pamplona and Zaragoza.

Sabina regularized with the Treasury 2.5 million for copyright

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“I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for the 100 songs we wrote together, the 40 tours I accompanied him on and the 15 albums I was his producer on,” said Varona, recounting. Varona, 65, founded the Viceversa band that began to accompany Sabina in 1982, contributing to the urban turn of the musician, who had begun his career with more of a classical singer-songwriter profile, collaborating with Javier Krahe.

“I’m so sorry” is the scathing farewell phrase of Varona’s message. Pancho Varona’s place as Sabina’s squire has been occupied by Leiva for some time now, with whom he has composed what could be a manifesto on Sabina’s vital attitude right now. “You will not see me in Benidorm with IMSERSO”, he says, and adds: “Many believed that they had paid me off, when I traveled from the WiZink Center on a stretcher to the hospital, with Serrat’s fingers intertwined, giving me back the desire to sing”, in reference to the fall he suffered at the Madrid Sports Palace in February 2020. “You don’t know how sorry I am” was what he told his audience when announcing that he would not be able to continue acting. The blow caused a stroke that required an operation.

This Thursday, November 17, it opens in theaters (no less than 192 rooms) Feeling it a lot, the documentary that Fernando León de Aranoa has made when he became a shadow of the musician for twelve years. The coming-out after passing through San Sebastián coincides with the announcement of new dates for her international tour and the delay of her next album, which will also be for the year 2023. Sabina is dosing herself.

This Tuesday, during the presentation at a press conference with Leiva and León de Aranoa, the Jaén spoke about his career but also about his opinion on politics and ideology.

Sabina, who during the dictatorship was affiliated with the Communist Party, said that “the failure of communism has been ferocious.” “The drift of the Latin American left breaks my heart precisely for having been so left, now I am not so much because I have eyes, ears and a head to see what is happening, and what is happening is very sad,” he added. the.

These statements are being applauded by voices from the political and media right-wing such as Toni Cantó, Javier Negre (“genius and figure”, he has called him) or Fernando Sánchez Drago: “Joaquín Sabina feels nostalgic. I also. Is it because of age? No. It is because of the drift of the world and because of the resurrection of Puritanism”.

In addition, Sabina gave her opinion on Lula’s recent triumph in Brazil “which is not bad” and, regarding the Ukrainian leader, she described him as follows: “An extraordinary hero named Zelensky.”

This June, it was learned that Sabina had regularized a debt with the Treasury of 2.5 million euros for copyright between 2008 and 2010. Sabina had appealed this liquidation in court but the National Court finally dismissed it. Sabina was a partner or administrator of three family businesses: Ultramarinos Finos, Relatores and El Pan de Mis Niñas, which managed real estate in Madrid and Rota, a sailboat, old books and their copyrights. The exploitation of the rights generated more than 12 million euros during the three years that appear in the tax inspection but, in his defense, he claimed to have no relationship with companies, something that the magistrates declared “implausible”.

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