Wednesday, March 22

Sacyr signs with the unions the renewal of its equality plan until 2026

Sacyr’s construction division has signed a new equality plan with the Federation of Industry, Construction and Agriculture of UGT (UGT FICA) and with the Federation of CC.OO. of the Habitat, giving continuity to the previous plan signed in 2018, valid now until 2026.

This plan, which will apply to Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras, including subsidiary and investee companies in the construction business area of ​​Sacyr in Spain, aims to reinforce the company’s commitment to effective equality.

The signing, which took place yesterday at Sacyr’s headquarters, was attended by: Patricia Martínez Íñigo, general manager of HR and Talent Management at Sacyr; Juan Antonio Fernández Cerrato, HR director of the Engineering and Infrastructure area; Teresa Manjón Manjón, Director of Labor Relations and Diversity at Sacyr; Pedro Hojas Cancho, Secretary General of UGT-FICA, and Daniel Barragán Burgui, Secretary General of CCOO del Hábitat.

The Managing Director of HR and Talent Management at Sacyr, Patricia Martínez, He highlighted that this plan “goes further in Sacyr’s commitment to equal opportunities between women and men, with diversity as Sacyr’s strategic lever”.

Improvements in key people management processes

This new Plan reinforces the company’s commitment to effective equality and includes improvements in key people management processes, in the co-responsible exercise of personal, family and work life rights, and positive actions to improve female representation in the company. It also includes improvement measures, above what is established by current legislation, for the group of women victims of gender violence.

In addition, a commitment is made to launch all communication channels and internal mechanisms that allow maximum dissemination, as well as a monitoring plan with periodic reviews to assess the scope of the measures and schedule future actions.

Since UGT FICA It was highlighted “The commitment that is acquired in the incorporation of women to the company and the search for female talent to occupy positions of responsibility, is also fundamental the commitment with the principle of remuneration transparency and with the transversal application of equality policies in areas such as training and occupational health. All these advances make this II plan a significant advance with respect to the first one signed by the company”.

CCOO Habitat for his part, pointed out: “For our organization, this Plan reflects the work and commitment to gender equality by all the signatory parties, since important specific objectives have been defined in the short, medium and long term, as well as the measures to be taken. adopt, so that Equality between women and men within the company is a fact”.

This new Equality Plan gives continuity to the previous plan signed in 2018 and will be in force until the beginning of 2026, coinciding with the validity of the Sacyr Strategic Plan. The company focuses in this strategic program on the talent of its professionals, offering them opportunities for personal and professional development, with the aim of enhancing their skills and promoting diversity.