Wednesday, August 10

Safe Solutions provide tips to avoid online scams during the holiday shopping season

The health crisis accelerated the transition to a more digital world. Electronic commerce grew exponentially and has become one of the main sales channels for many companies, especially in the Christmas season that has just started, and where millions of people are expected to purchase their gifts through the internet.

But nevertheless, Not only Santa and his elves are getting ready, the cybercriminals who are constantly on the lookout for users will take advantage of this event for their own malicious purposes, including stealing money through fake websites.

According to researchers from Check Point, Secure Solutions Partner, more than 5,300 different malicious websites were detected per week, representing an increase of 178%, compared to the average in 2021, so far.

To avoid being the next victim of cybercriminals, experts from Safe Solutions provide 5 cybersecurity tips to keep in mind when making Christmas shopping online safely:

Make your purchases in stores or recognized brands that you have previously used or that have been recommended to you. Look for available opinions of the experience other users have had. Bookmark these sites in your browser to avoid misspelling the domain and landing on a fake site.

Be wary of great deals: Do not click on the links for attractive offers, coupons or discount codes that you receive by email or social networks as they can be the result of phishing campaigns, especially if the price of the product or service is excessively low or tempting.

If you make purchases with credit card or e-wallets like yappy or nequi, it is important to review account statements for fraudulent charges.

Always be attentive to password reset emails. If you receive one of these without requesting it, always visit the website directly and never click on the embedded links.

Secure Networks. Avoid using public Wi-Fi connections to make online purchases as it increases the risk of information theft. Make your purchases online only when you are connected to a network and a secure device.