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Safety alert: brake problems on some Volvo models

Some models of the ranges S60, V60, XC60, V60CC, S90, V90, XC90, S90L, V90CC, XC40 from automaker Volvo, they may have a certain safety problem that could increase the risk of an accident.

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According notifies the rapid alert system of the European Union, Rapex, on some models “the solder connection between the motor rotor shaft and the magnetic pack in the hydraulic unit of the brake system may be partially or totally missing”.

As a result, the braking impulse, the antilock braking system (ABS) and the electronic stability control (ESC) “could be deactivated, which would result in less deceleration than normal, which would increase the risk of an accident. ”

Furthermore, the Rapex notification highlights that “the product does not meet the requirements established in the Regulation on homologation and market surveillance of motor vehicles and their trailers, and of the systems, components and independent technical units intended for such vehicles.”

What should I do if I have an affected model?

The manufacturer will proceed to contact the buyers to proceed with the repair, since the replacement of the affected item has been ordered.

If it is about second-hand vehicles, it is recommended take the initiative and contact customer service to check if the model has the aforementioned defect.

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