Thursday, September 29

Saharan dust

March has passed and the sun’s rays hit hard on my window. The mud is starting to dry up on the railing in front and the sand color now looks brighter than yesterday. March has passed and also in kyiv the sidewalks are full of dust, rubble and silence. However, in Tindouf the Saharawi refugee camps continue with the same dust as always. Spring has not come for them. That yes, like an effect between paranormal and atmospheric, the change of position of the government of Spain in the conflict of Western Sahara brought the sand of the desert to our streets, cars and buildings. The Saharawi people have not retaliated by using armed violence, nor have they broken off diplomatic relations with Spain, but I am sure that it was the former chejs, those tribal chiefs who negotiated an exit with Spain in the seventies, who have sent the haze to our land. The symbolic language in international politics knows no rules, why put them now? It is psychic realpolitik. A people without land, a people without the capacity to coerce, a people that the International Community wants to drown in the sand, has no better weapon than the mud flaps of these days. They have plenty of sand. I don’t know how the smart men and women of the time haven’t noticed. The representative of the POLISARIO Front in Spain only alluded to “affected relations”, as if he were used to being ignored, as if just a little more desert dust had entered his throat. It is the clear metaphor of a toxic relationship. Even in the lungs toxic.

After the exposure of the Government’s botched maneuver, our handsome president, in a display of romantic love for the picturesque desert town, has continued to swear his tenderness and affection, patriarchally making sure that our humanitarian aid to the camps does not decrease. Let’s give them a rickety fish and take away their rod, said Minister Albares. Who was going to say it. Albares! At the dawn of these terrible twenties! A lifetime dedicated to the study and practice of International Law, interrupted by a toxic relationship, which suffocates to the point of breaching the Magna Carta of decolonization. Mandatory rules for rickety fish and sloppy letters.

While in kyiv another handsome man, and also funny, cries out for the defense of his national sovereignty, our handsome statesman, Pedro Sánchez, responds to the call with haste and determination. And it is that as the head of European diplomacy said a few days ago “you cannot appeal to the peaceful settlement of the dispute when the State that is attacking is much more powerful than the attacked one” (My goodness, José, where is the obligation of peaceful settlement?) It is that it is not possible, we must act, they argued. Let’s imagine that Putin (another bully man, my goodness! Is it testosterone?) decides to keep Lugansk and Donesk, (as well as Crimea) before the undaunted eyes of Europe and the world. He does it by force starting a war that takes thousands of lives. Part of the population flees, they become refugees. Their houses have been destroyed. War crimes are committed and chemical weapons are used. Imagine that the years pass, the decades. Let’s imagine. In time, Putin’s successor (let’s call him Putin the Second) may dress up and take the European Union out for a walk in his wide lands. So it may be that Putin the Second, skillfully, as in another toxic relationship, ends up offering something in return to the Europeans (let’s say energy, or let’s say border control, a put…) so that they cry out with great fanfare that the best for the Ukrainian people it is to accept a slight autonomy of the regions illegally occupied decades ago.

An autonomy that does not allow them to use the Ukrainian flag or speak their own language. An autonomy that has nothing to do with that of Germany or Spain, that was a psychic mirage, a cheap escapism trick. It may be that the so-called Putin Segundo ended up convincing the so-called Pedro Sánchez Segundo that this autonomy is the fairest and most lasting solution. Meanwhile, the month of March passed and the haze swept through the peninsula at the same time that the war ravaged Ukraine. “We must help the Ukrainian people without hesitation, we cannot afford this attack against territorial integrity,” Albares snapped at Pedro Sánchez. Then they swallowed saliva and breathed in the dust of the Sahara.