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Salary controversy in Joker 2 and Jurassic World: men earn double | Digital Trends Spanish

The controversy was installed in the world of cinema, after notable differences in salaries in the movies were reported Joker 2 (still in preliminary stage of script and production) and Jurassic World.

The female leads of both films, Lady Gaga and Bryce Dallas Howard, claim payments that are equivalent to twice that of their male counterparts, Joaquin Phoenix and Chris Pratt.

Joker 2

As published by the American show business «Variety», Lady Gaga will receive about 10 million dollars for participating in the film. While Joaquin Phoenix will take about 20 million dollars, the same figure that the director of the sequel, Phillips Todd, will receive.

For the Esquire publication, the questions are about whether the difference in pay between Phoenix and Lady Gaga is an issue of salary disparity due to gender. The media wonders if the monetary difference has to do with the fact that the singer will have a role of less weight than that of the actor in the film or if, on the contrary, both are co-stars and, in that case, the difference would be explained by their womanhood.

Jurassic World

In the case of the film Jurassic World, in an interview with “Insider”, the actress Bryce Dallas Howard revealed that for acting in “Jurassic World” she was paid “much less” than what the production of the film published at the time -which He was talking about 8 million dollars for her – and well below what was paid to her co-star, Chris Pratt, who received about 10 million dollars.

“I was paid much less than the reports said. A lot less. When I started negotiating for ‘Jurassic World’ in 2014, it was a different world and I was at a huge disadvantage. Unfortunately, I had to sign on for three movies and that’s how the deals were settled,” he explained.

Of course, in his case he recognized the support and solidarity of Chris Pratt:

“Whenever there has been an opportunity to get hands on things that had not been negotiated, like a game or an attraction (at a theme park), he (Chris Pratt) has literally told me: ‘You don’t have to do anything. I’m going to handle all the negotiation and we’re going to charge the same. You don’t have to think about this.’ I love him so much for doing that. I’ve actually been paid more for that kind of stuff than for the movie,” he confessed.

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