Friday, September 22

Sales of music in physical format grows for the first time in 25 years | Digital Trends Spanish

For the first time in 25 years, physical music sales grew in 2021, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reported. Along the same lines as the revived vinyl, compact discs pushed the rise of the sector, with an unprecedented positive operation not seen since 2004.

The annual report of the body that brings together the most important record companies in the United States detailed that they reached $1.6 billion ($1,650 million) dollars. Only the CDs achieved sales of $584.2 million dollars, that is, more than $100 million dollars compared to the previous season.

With a decade on the rise, vinyl records recorded sales of close to one billion ($1 billion) in 2021. In the previous administration, the figure had only reached $643.9 million dollars.

“Streaming is the new lifeblood of the music industry, but physical music is enjoying a resurgence that can no longer be dismissed as a fad fueled by die-hard collectors.” Axios.

In the words of Doyle Davis, co-owner of the Grimey’s specialty store in Nashville, Tennessee, customers have started asking for the CD versions when the vinyl of an album takes time to arrive at his record store, located on East Trinity Lane.

“I think it’s really about young people who are discovering that they like physical copies of music in the digital age (…) It’s great, it talks about health and the return to physical media in general,” he analyzed.

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