Sunday, August 14

Salobreña opens an investigation into the register of Macarena Olona

The registration of Macarena Olona in Salobreña (Granada) is being investigated. This is deduced from the report to which he has had access Andalusia, signed by the City Council of the town of Granada, in which it is stated that the Local Police must carry out the “pertinent actions” to verify if Olona really resides in this municipality of the Costa Tropical. Andaluces Levantaos, the left-wing coalition that has challenged the candidacy of the leader of Vox for the Andalusian Government, has expanded the claim by including this document.

Macarena Olona registered at the house of the leader of Vox in Granada to be able to stand for the Andalusian elections

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Events have accelerated after last Friday the Being Chain revealed that the former president of Vox Granada, Manuel Martín, recognized that Macarena Olona had registered in one of her homes in Salobreña to be able to attend the elections on June 19 in Andalusia. The problem is that Martín assured that Olona does not live “regularly” at that address, that no rental contract had been signed and that her relationship with this town in Granada is reduced to vacation episodes. An issue that has put her candidacy in danger as it is in doubt whether her registry is correct, as required by the regional elections. Any applicant who goes on the lists must be registered in one of the Andalusian municipalities.

For this reason, Andaluces Levantaos challenged this Wednesday, before the Electoral Board of Granada, the candidacy of Macarena Olona, ​​appreciating an alleged “fraud of law” by taking advantage of the registration regulations to be able to participate in the elections. Among the legal issues pointed out by the left-wing coalition, it is pointed out that the Andalusian Statute of Autonomy emanates the condition of “neighbourhood” that requires that it be habitual. “As you undoubtedly know the Electoral Board to which we are addressing, although to be a deputy to the Congress it is not required to be a resident of the district for which one is presented, in the case of elections to the Andalusian Parliament, the Andalusian Electoral Law 1/1986, of January 2, 1986 requires, in its art. 4.1, for the exercise of passive suffrage, that citizens “have the status of electors”. That same Law, in its art. 2 tells us that voters are those who (…) ”have the political status of Andalusians, in accordance with art. 5 of the Statute of Autonomy“.

As a result of the statements of the former president of Vox, Manuel Martín, and the challenge of Anadaluces Levantaos, the Salobrena Town Hall has initiated the necessary investigations to verify if the registration of Macarena Olona is justified by her regular presence in this town on the Tropical Coast of Granada. Consistory sources explain that Olona was registered accompanied by Manuel Martín and that, if the Electoral Board of Granada requires it, they must initiate a procedure that clarifies their real relationship with the municipality. An issue that has now been reached, as can be read in the report to which you have had access Andalusia. In this regard, the City Council has not responded to this medium.

The issue of deadlines

The document, by which the Local Police of Salobreña is asked to investigate whether Macarena Olona lives “normally” in this town, is based on the premise that “the registration was authorized after verification of compliance with the legally required requirements, accrediting the usufructuary of the dwelling the title of use of the same by means of a simple registry note and the authorization of residence in the same”. However, “according to what was published in different media, this census registration has been questioned, in view of the demonstrations made by the owner of the house.” Reason why, according to the Local Regime Law, “City Councils will carry out the actions and operations necessary to keep their registers updated so that the data contained therein is consistent with reality”.

Starting from this point, the report points out five legal grounds that lead to “initiate the corresponding ex officio removal procedure for improper registration, in the terms indicated below.” However, according to legal sources from Andaluces Levantaos, the document signed by the Salobreña City Council puts on the table some deadlines that are in accordance with the law, but that can delay the possible removal of Macarena Olona as registered, if in the end she remembered . The Vox leader has ten days to respond in the event that the report concludes that her registration does not match her real neighborhood.

“Therefore, it is appropriate that the Local Police services carry out the appropriate actions in order to verify that the interested party habitually resides in the municipality. In view of the report issued by the services of the Local Police, it will proceed, where appropriate, the start of the corresponding record of dismissal ex officio for improper registration in the terms indicated, requiring, in any case, the prior hearing of the interested party ” , concludes the report on a matter that could complicate the aspirations of Macarena Olona towards the Junta de Andalucía. The leader of Vox has limited herself to saying “so?” every time she has been asked about her registration.