Saturday, May 28

Salvador Alba fails before the Judiciary in his attempt to be a judge again

The Permanent Commission of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has rejected this Thursday the claim of Salvador Alba Mesa to return to being a judge. He has done so in response to an appeal filed by the convicted person alleging that his expulsion should be put on hold while his amparo appeal is resolved before the Constitutional Court. In addition, Alba’s wife, the Justice Administration lawyer Teresa Lorenzo, has submitted a request for pardon to the Government.

The Justice annuls the report that concluded that the illness of former judge Alba can be treated in prison and orders another

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Salvador Alba was sentenced in September 2019 to six and a half years in prison, 18 years of disqualification, 60,000 euros in compensation and a 12,500 fine for the crimes of judicial prevarication in medial competition with bribery and falsehood in a public document when he schemed from a court in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria against magistrate Victoria Rosell, current Government delegate against Gender Violence. The sentence was confirmed last November 2021 by the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Since the sentence was ratified, Alba has deployed before the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC), in charge of the execution of the sentence, a wide range of resources, challenges, medical certificates and writings of the most varied nature to delay his admission to prison. He has alleged several ailments that, according to the doctors who treated him, would prevent him, in one case, from traveling by plane, and in another, from living in a prison.

At the moment, Alba has only served a small part of the sentence, that referring to the partial payment of the 12,500 euro fine, which she asked to pay in installments for having lost her income as a magistrate. The compensation of 60,000 euros to his victim was paid by the insurance company that secured him at the beginning of the process, in 2016. The disqualification was imposed by the CGPJ, and against his expulsion, decreed on March 3, he has just appealed without success sources from the governing body of the judges have reported.

During this time, in addition, he has processed his appeal before the Constitutional Court, and his wife, a pardon before the Government of Spain, of which the victim of his crimes is precisely a high position.

Salvador Alba’s latest skirmish has been to challenge the forensic examiners who analyzed his medical certifications and concluded that none of his ailments prevent him from entering prison. Alba argued before the court that these coroners had a friendly relationship with Victoria Rosell due to the links that could arise between them during the years that the magistrate served in the courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where she currently maintains her position reserved for services specials.

The court has accepted that challenge and has ordered the Institute of Legal Medicine in Santa Cruz de Tenerife to issue new reports. On April 17, the first five months were completed since Salvador Alba’s conviction was final.