Thursday, February 2

Samsung adds NFTs to its new televisions: the fever for tokens already reaches the most unexpected corners

Among all the novelties of Samsung’s new Neo QLED and MicroLED for this 2022 a curious novelty for televisions has been added: NFTs. Yes, the fever of the ‘Non-fungible tokens’ has reached the television, with the first browser for television based on NFT content.

It hardly becomes a main tool, but it is certainly a striking move on the part of a Samsung that little by little is going expanding its support for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related technologies like these NFTs.

Leveraging NFT to Determine Image Calibration

Samsung hasn’t released many details about this new feature. Through the Press release we know that it is a new browser that includes an “NFTs aggregation platform”. This NFTs platform will be available in its new MicroLED, Neo QLED and The Frame models and the idea is that users will be able to buy NFTs through different vendors and the most relevant for Samsung: be able to view acquired art on the television screen.

By having the NFT, users will be able to see details about who created the work and have access to other related metadata. And this is where we can begin to make some sense of this commitment to NFTs. As explained by Samsung, users will be able to use ‘Smart Calibration’ technology to represent the image on the TV. adjusting the parameters automatically according to the intention of the creator of the work.

In other words, the NFT serves here as a tool to associate a series of image settings metadata with the work. An addition that fits with the original idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese tokens, which is none other than adding a ‘blockchain’ layer to any digital element.

“With the growing demand for NFTs, the need for a solution for today’s fragmented viewing and shopping landscape has never been greater,” Samsung explains in the statement. An addition that collects e try to take advantage of the fever of some NFTs that in 2022 it seems that they will continue to be one of the most talked about technologies.

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