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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ review: Stuck in the middle

PVS $1,100.00

“Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and its 14.6-inch screen have taken much of the limelight away from its middle sibling, this is still an excellent device”


  • S Pen with low latency

  • A screen with 120 Hz

  • Good performance

  • Productivity Features


  • S Pen support is not very consistent

  • Does not include charger

  • High price

The Samsung Galaxy S22 did not arrive alone. The South Korean manufacturer also completely revamped its high-end tablets with three new models.

The middle sibling of the family, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+, keeps everything we liked about last year’s version plus some nice improvements like an ultra-wide camera and an S Pen with better latency.

Design and display

The first thing I thought when I saw the tablet is that it has a very similar design to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ from 2021 (in fact, they are almost identical). It’s made of aluminum, and Samsung claims it has 30 percent more scratch resistance than last year’s model.

Tab S8+

In general, the Tab S8+ has a fairly sober appearance: we only find a couple of discreet logos, that of Samsung and that of AKG, the company that signs the device’s audio system.

Along the top edge is the volume rocker and a power button, while speakers sit at either end of the bottom edge along with the USB-C charging port on the right side.

For biometrics, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ applies facial recognition and an on-screen fingerprint scanner. In my tests, both worked very well, accurately and quickly.

On the back there is a magnetic holder for the S Pen. This works well when we have the tablet on a surface or do not move it too much, but if we put it in a backpack it comes off easily.

The screen is a 12.4-inch WQXGA+ AMOLED 2,800 x 1,752-pixel resolution that looks amazing. In addition, it has reduced bezels, which greatly improves both the appearance of the tablet and the viewing experience.

The update rate is 120 Hz as in the Galaxy S22, which makes it possible for us to have a very smooth experience. However, I do not recommend keeping the screen at this rate constantly, as it drains the battery quite a bit.

Power and autonomy

The Tab S8+ is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 1 processor, a 4nm chip that Samsung says improved CPU performance by 24 percent and GPU performance by 52 percent over its predecessor.

In my experience with the 8GB RAM Galaxy Tab S8+, I found smooth performance in all scenarios I put it through, though I did notice that it slowed down when I opened a lot—but a lot—of tabs in Chrome, something I generally didn’t like. will happen to users.

In day-to-day use (10 hours of work), the tablet manages to make it to the end of the day with 25 percent charge or even more. Like the phones, it doesn’t come with a charger in the box, so I powered it with a 45W charger; to get to 100 percent, it takes an hour and a half. With a 15W charger, the time is extended to more than three hours.

In general, it is a perfect device for multitasking, since it allows us to have up to three applications open on the screen simultaneously. Another of the most useful functions that we find is a sidebar in which we can add different applications to open them more quickly.

Also, like previous models, it has Dex mode, which allows you to use the tablet as if it were a computer by connecting it to an external monitor. The functions are enough to run an office job without a problem.

An improved S Pen and wide-angle camera

One of the most notable improvements that this tablet presents compared to the previous version is that the S Pen went from having a latency of 5.6 ms to 2.8 ms.

Tab S8+

It has always been one of the best styluses on the market, but it stands out even more because it now uses predictive algorithms, so you really do feel like writing on paper when you use it.

On the back of the Tab S8+ is a dual camera with a 13 MP sensor and a 6 MP ultra-wide lens. I don’t usually take photos with tablets, but for those who do, I will tell you that the results offered by this camera are quite good, with sharp images although a little saturated.

The front camera is perhaps the one that we could use the most in this type of device, especially since the pandemic arrived and we are making more and more video calls. Samsung adds a 12 MP ultra wide angle lens to this tablet with which, for example, there is more than one person in the video call or we want to make a group selfie, it can be included without any problem without having to stretch your arm.

In fact, it also has an automatic framing tool for video calls. Thanks to this, the shot is put together depending on the number of people in front of the camera.


Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and its 14.6-inch screen has taken much of the limelight from its middle sister, it is still an excellent device.

The Galaxy Tab S8+ is not a huge upgrade from the previous model, but the improvements included would justify the generation change. Of course, the price is quite high, but if you have a $1,100 budget, the Galaxy Tab S8+ it is an option that will satisfy your needs both in terms of entertainment and productivity.

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