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Samsung Odyssey Ark, is now available with a high price | Digital Trends Spanish

Samsung’s most impressive gaming monitor finally has a full set of specs, a pre-order date and a price. The 55-inch Samsung Odyssey Arkin all its stunning 4K glory, is available to pre-order now and will be on sale in early September.

Looking at the specs and the monitor itself reveals a dream come true for many gamers, but there’s a catch, and that catch is pretty massive: the price. Because really, how many of us are prepared to spend $3,499 on a gaming monitor?

If you ignore the price, the monitor sounds pretty perfect, as long as you like curved monitors and like to have a big gaming screen. The new gaming monitor comes with a full 55 inches of Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Matrix mini LEDs, which promise to deliver a superior visual experience. It has a 1000R curvature and is supposedly the first 1000R gaming monitor of that size.

For such a powerful display, it offers a lot of flexibility. It can also be used in cockpit mode, which can make your neck hurt if you do it for too long, but for games like Microsoft Flight Simulator and even certain professional use cases, it’s sure to fill a niche where smaller screens just can’t compete. Samsung also decked out the Ark with a Neural Quantum Processor that can upscale all content up to 4K.

At that size, you’re probably thinking you could get a TV for a lot less, and that’s so true, you could. However, Samsung had gamers in mind here by adding a 1-millisecond response time and 165Hz refresh rate. In theory, this monitor should be able to tackle fast MOBAs just as well as it can handle immersive RPGs.

If all that didn’t sell you on the Samsung Odyssey Ark, we feel compelled to mention that it’s a flexible behemoth. You can adjust the screen size between 55 inches and 27 inches, choose your aspect ratio (16:9, 21:9, or 32:9), and split the screen to include one app or multiple apps. All of this can be done with the solar-powered Ark Dial, because yes, for $3,500, your monitor even has its own controller.

Samsung Odyssey Ark is an expensive beast

Before Samsung dropped the news and revealed the monitor’s price, there had been a lot of speculation about how much it might cost. This is a premium monitor, no doubt about it, so most of us were prepared for it to be expensive. Some predictions pegged the price around the $2,500 range, and while that’s high enough, Samsung managed to top it by tackling an extra $1,000.

Spending $3,500 on a monitor is something not many can stomach, especially when we’re talking about a 55-inch monstrosity. It is true that the Samsung Odyssey Ark is a beautiful monstrosity, but it’s still a massive beast that many players won’t even take full advantage of. Forget using it if you don’t have a spacious desk or enough wall space to use the VESA mount.

Samsung Odyssey Ark in cockpit mode.

On the other hand, if you have the extra space and money in your wallet, this monitor is likely to offer a gaming experience unlike any other. It’s also good at multitasking with the various display options, so if you like to play a game and then also have a live stream and your browser open at the same time, you can now ditch your dual-monitor setup. Cockpit mode also looks impressive, and no doubt some games will do just fine with it. With all that said, it’s still $3,500, and that’s enough money for a whole new gaming PC.

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