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Samsung patents a smartwatch with a folding screen | Digital Trends Spanish

Samsung is looking to take its folding display technology beyond phones like the Galaxy Z Fold. Now, they have patented a design for a smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch, but whose screen folds back on itself.

The Dutch site Let’s Go Digital indicates that this patent was filed by Samsung last June and that it was granted to Samsung on December 9. The diagram shows a smart watch whose screen is not completely round, but is a little longer than normal and with a strip in the middle; to be opened the watch, the screen is 40 percent larger than a traditional Galaxy Watch.

The documentation also shows a possible use of the equipment to view content such as videos, since being in the widest position, the screen can accommodate a space in 16: 9 ratio in the central space. In addition, the panel can be divided and, for example, show certain types of information in one half, while other data can be shown in the other.

Let’s Go Digital

The folding watch – or rather, its patent – from Samsung can also accommodate a camera and also a flash, which could have several uses. The most obvious would be to capture photos or record video, but it could also be used to make video calls.

The patent also indicates that the watch could be rolled up from its central part and potentially there could be various uses, either with the screen fully extended or with the middle part closed, which would make the equipment look like a smartwatch traditional.

Of course, and as is always the case with patents, the fact that patents have been registered does not exactly ensure that a watch like this will exist. But Samsung has slowly matured its technology with the Galaxy Fold series of phones, so a folding phone doesn’t seem so far-fetched in the medium term.

It should also be noted that IBM has already shown a folding watch concept, although the design from two years ago does not really resemble Samsung’s patent.

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