Monday, September 20

Samsung patents a stylus type S Pen that includes a camera | Digital Trends Spanish

The stylus Samsung could be much more versatile in the future and offer other functions apart from serving as a digital pen: according to a patent from the South Korean company, there is the intention of creating an S Pen like the one in the Galaxy S21 that includes a camera .

The patent was discovered by the middle Let’s Go Digital and shows a device somewhat wider than the current S Pen and that allows to accommodate a camera on top. This camera is detachable and on the back of the stylus there is a small bracket that allows you to hold the device on a surface.

The camera connects to the phone wirelessly and may be useful in a device that does not have a front camera, judging by the schemes presented in the patent. Because in addition, the patent indicates that this S Pen can work as part of the phone, attached to the back of the equipment.

The camera could also have some type of sensor for physical gestures, or to detect faces and various elements at a distance. On the other hand, a second schematic reveals an S Pen design that includes not just one but several cameras – three lenses, according to the patent – that would be fully removable and would replace the phone’s internal camera arrangement.

Samsung’s patent was registered last March, however it was only released a few days ago. And this raises some questions about the future of the Note line of phones, which seems to have been in the background lately; Until now, it is known that the name will continue to exist but the new products will arrive only in 2022.

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