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Samsung reaches 13,000 MB / s with its new SSD with PCIe 5.0: doubling the speed of hard drives sold today

PCI Express 5.0 technology arrived a couple of years ago, but the main manufacturers have yet to implement it in their devices. Now Samsung announces its new SSD hard drive, which will go on sale in 2022 although it already sells it to different companies to be used in servers. It’s the PM1743 SSD and its read speed is a huge leap from what we had to date.

Samsung’s new SSD with PCIe 5.0 is capable of reaching up to 13,000MB / s sequential read speed and perform up to 2,500K random read operations per second. By comparison, Samsung’s latest PCI 4.0 hard drives are around 6,600MB / s.

Samsung shows with its new SSD the advantages of PCIe 5.0

Samsung Ssd 2

This hard drive is part of Samsung’s sixth generation of V-NAND memories, although the manufacturer already points out that they are also working on devices with PCIe 6.0.

For the development of this SSD, Samsung has collaborated with Intel and they explain that some technical problems were found during the initial testing of PCIe 5.0. However, both brands point out that the potential of PCIe 5.0 is enormous, which will probably lead to the next year seeing a large number of devices with PCIe 5.0.

PCIe 5.0 technology offers up to 32 GT / s bandwidth, double that of PCIe 4.0. Additionally, the Efficiency of the new SSD has been improved to 608 MB / s per watt, which is a 30% improvement compared to current SSDs with PCIe 4.0.

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In terms of capacity, Samsung will offer the new SSD from 1.92 TB to 15.36 TB, in the usual size of 2.5 “ and also in 3 “EDSFF format. Recall that the PM1743 is initially intended for professional servers, although the company will begin mass production during the first quarter of 2022, anticipating that we will see more models over the next year.

The Samsung PM1743 is the First SSD with PCIe 5.0 and Dual Port Support and as usual, it adds the latest security technologies.

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