Saturday, September 25

Samsung removes ads on Galaxy phone apps | Digital Trends Spanish

Native apps on Samsung phones will stop showing ads soon. A) Yes confirmed by the company this August 18 and the reasons, apparently, have to do with the response of users to those ads.

According to Android Authority, Samsung advised in a statement that they made the decision to remove ads and advertising in applications such as weather, themes or in Samsung Pay itself. These applications are owned by Samsung and part of One UI, the Android customization layer that comes in all South Korean phones.

There is still no specific date for this to happen, but it is known that it will be done through an update that will reach all users of a Galaxy phone. The content recommendations that are shown in such ads in the future will be displayed in the Galaxy Store, the Samsung store.

The truth is that this change will be to the total liking of Samsung users, because these types of ads often end up being annoying. Now, Samsung is the first to decide to remove them, but it is not the only one to plague their ad teams; Xiaomi and Realme usually do the same on their phones.

And such ads are not limited to the brand’s native apps, as they may appear elsewhere as well. For example, on Xiaomi or Poco phones, these are seen even in the middle of the Google app news.

In turn, the presence of these ads can be understood as a way to subsidize the low price of these phones, but this is not the case with Samsung, as their phones are far from being considered cheap.

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