Sunday, April 2

Samsung sold millions of phones with a serious security flaw | Digital Trends Spanish

According to a security report, Samsung shipped and sold nearly 100 million phones with a major flaw that could allow hackers to access users’ private information.

The document was prepared by researchers from Tel Aviv University and reveals that, in the period between 2017 and 2021, the company shipped millions of defective devices, among which there would be some recently released, such as the Galaxy S21. The study also points out that the security problem was not noticed during those five years.

Among the affected devices, the researchers also detected several belonging to the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 lines, which would have brought this flaw from the factory.

The failure would have occurred because the cryptographic keys were not stored correctly, which would allow hackers to access the devices and extract information stored on the phones.

The place SamMobile had access to the report and pointed out that, so far, there is no record of cybercriminals who have taken advantage of this vulnerability. In fact, the company was made aware of this problem by the researchers.

Thus, through a security patch released this year, the vast majority of vulnerable devices are no longer affected by this critical flaw.

Users who own any of these smartphones just have to press the software update button, in addition to making sure they have the latest Android security patch.

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