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Samsung Wallet: this is the brand’s new virtual wallet | Digital Trends Spanish

After years of offering SamsungPay Y SamsungPass, SamsungWallet launches today as the long-awaited digital wallet option for Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass have been functioning properly as two separate parts of the Galaxy wallet puzzle, but today the company announced that the two services are merging to become Samsung Wallet. The digital wallet is not just a rebranding of the two features. Instead, it’s meant to be an all-encompassing app that contains everything you’d find in a physical wallet, not unlike AppleWallet and Google Wallet.

Samsung Wallet will be able to hold credit cards and membership cards, allowing owners of Samsung devices to have one-swipe access to payment options when paying in stores. COVID-19 vaccination cards can also be stored in Samsung Wallet, along with multiple ID options coming later this year for things like driver’s licenses, state IDs and student IDs.

Samsung Wallet is also the new home for password management that was previously handled by Samsung Pass. Biometric security checks required to access stored passwords will be maintained to enhance account security and to give Galaxy owners peace of mind knowing they are the only ones who can access their sensitive data.

Also, all digital keys can be stored in Samsung Wallet. This means that smart home users won’t necessarily need to bring their keys with them when leaving the house. Digital key support also works on car keys for select BMW, Genesis and Hyundai models. At launch, Samsung Wallet digital car keys will work with BMW 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 Series, 5-X7 and iX models released from July 2020 and later. Genesis supports digital car keys with the GV60 and G90, while Hyundai support is limited to the Palisade. While the initial launch is fairly limited, Samsung says additional partnerships are “expected.”

Samsung isn’t the first big mobile company to merge some of its previous digital wallet efforts into one place. As recently as May, Google announced plans to resurrect its platform google-wallet. Both Google and Samsung seem to be catching up with Apple as it has been paving the way for digital wallets for quite some time. Regardless of why Google and Samsung are consolidating their individual wallet efforts, it’s certainly good for device owners to have a more streamlined digital wallet at hand.

Samsung Wallet is now available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States for all Galaxy devices running Android 9 Pie or later. To access it, open the Samsung Pay or Samsung Pass app on your device and follow the instructions to migrate to Samsung Wallet.

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