Sunday, October 1

Samsung wants you to save food scraps Tetris style | Digital Trends Spanish

The concept of Tetris It can be applied to various areas of life and not only to video games, such as when having to store objects in a limited space. At least Samsung took that idea so seriously that they launched a new product called Samsung Stackers, which is used to sort and store food scraps in the style of the classic video game.

Samsung Stackers are small colored boxes created to store food scraps in the refrigerator. These are square and semi-transparent units that are purchased in groups of seven and that can be grouped in all possible ways so as not to waste any centimeter of space.

This new product is on paper very useful and also cheap, since each set of Samsung Stackers costs around $ 28. And since all the sets are compatible with each other, it will be very easy to make the refrigerator look like a real set of Tetris, with all the pieces organized to perfection.

But Samsung Stackers have a greater purpose and utility than just organizing food scraps perfectly inside the refrigerator. And that is none other than reducing the amount of food that is wasted in general. According to a survey carried out in Europe, the level of food waste has returned to the numbers that were before the pandemic and are even higher.

Proceeds from the sales of the Samsung Stackers will go entirely to the European Federation of Food Banks, an organization that advocates reducing the amounts of food that end up in the trash.

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