Tuesday, March 21

Samsung will allow you to self-repair your cell phones with iFixit | Digital Trends Spanish

Good news for those who want to save and improve their devices Samsung The South Korean company announced this March 31, as they reported a partnership with iFixit for a self-repair program, which in a first stage will include phones from the Galaxy S20 and S21 series and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus and which are the first in the spare parts line.

Speaking to The Verge site, the CEO of iFixit, Kylie Wiens, commented on what this agreement will result in:

“We are working with Samsung to improve their repair guide and DIY parts offerings. It is clear that the manufacturers are recognizing that they need to adopt the repair”, commented the executive.

Consumers who take advantage of the program will have access to intuitive, visual, step-by-step repair guides and necessary tools, depending on the samsung press release.

“At Samsung, we are creating more ways for consumers to extend the life of our products with premium care experiences. The availability of self-healing will provide our consumers with convenience and more options for sustainable solutions,” he said. Ramon Gregory, Senior Vice President of Customer Care for Samsung Electronics America.

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