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Samsung’s new cell phone chip comes with AMD technology | Digital Trends Spanish

Samsung is advancing an important announcement for next January 11, 2022. This time it is not a new cell phone, but a chip that will be present in some of its future Galaxy: the Exynos 2200, a processor that will have a chip video based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecture.

For now, Samsung has not given more details about this new processor and has only dedicated itself to saying through its social networks that the world of mobile video games “is going to get serious.”

#PlaytimeIsOver. The gaming marketplace is about to get serious. Stay tuned for the next #Exynos with the new GPU born from RDNA 2. January 11, 2022.

& mdash; Samsung Exynos (@SamsungExynos) December 30, 2021

Exynos processors, like the previous Exynos 2100, are designed by Samsung itself and used in the company’s high-end equipment. However, there is an important detail to highlight: cell phones with Exynos reach everyone except the United States, where Samsung sells phones with Qualcomm chips, such as Snapdragon.

In theory, the Exynos perform similarly to their Snapdragon counterpart, although there are generally slight differences in favor of the latter.

Now that could change thanks to RDNA2. This architecture has been designed and developed by AMD and is the one used by their most recent video cards and also consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series S and Series X. Therefore, we can expect some kind of progress regarding what it is already known in mobile video chips, although obviously not at the level of what is seen in consoles or high-end equipment.

It is possible that along with the announcement of the new Exynos 2200, Samsung also of some details of its new generation of phones. Bad or bad, the Galaxy S22 should be right around the corner.

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