Tuesday, July 5

Samsung’s new gamer monitors are no longer curved | Digital Trends Spanish

Samsung has a line of monitors called Odyssey, which are basically curved screens geared towards video games. Therefore, it is striking that their latest models announced come with a flat screen that has nothing curved.

These are four new monitors that are added to the current Odyssey. The most advanced is the 28-inch G7, with 4K resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate, response time of just one millisecond, and 178-degree viewing angle. This monitor has support for DisplayHDR 400, is compatible with HDMI 2.1 and also with G-Sync and FreeSync, the technologies of NVIDIA and AMD respectively.

Slightly lower is the 27-inch GT, which Samsung says is perfect for PCs or newer consoles. Its resolution is Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels), it comes with HDR10, a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a response time of one millisecond. And it also supports G-Sync and FreeSync.

Finally, there will be two somewhat more modest monitors, focused on 1080p games. These are the 27 and 24-inch G3s, with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and FreeSync compatibility, as well as a response time of one millisecond. Neither has HDR support.

In all these models, Samsung is committed to ergonomics both when adjusting the height of the monitors and also when managing the content on the screen; For this, a technology is included that allows creating a second virtual screen within the same monitor.

As for prices and the launch date, it was only announced for the 24 and 27 G3 models: these will cost $ 220 and $ 250 respectively and will be available from July 1. On the other hand, about the most advanced models, details of the launch (or prices) are not known yet.

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