Wednesday, March 22

Samsung’s Unpacked Event Coming to the Metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

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Samsung wants to take its Unpacked event on February 9 beyond the usual. The South Korean giant said that this will be accessible in both virtual reality and real reality.

Those who want to follow the event through the metaverse will be able to do so from a recreation in the virtual reality platform Decentraland. This platform will take us to Samsung 837, the most important store that Samsung has in New York City and that can be explored virtually in the metaverse.

Registered users can access Samsung 837 with personalized avatars, collect badges and win exclusive clothing. To log in you have to connect your MetaMask wallet, a crypto wallet and a browser extension that allows you to create, explore and trade digital assets. You can too log in as a guest to 837X, but it is a more limited experience.

We don’t know if viewing the event from this platform will have any additional benefits beyond being able to buy and sell exclusive digital assets such as land and handheld devices.

Buying land in the metaverse is one of the trends that will accompany us in 2022. In it, you do not buy a physical real estate, but a digital asset, just like NFTs (non-fungible tokens). However, as it happens in the real world, it is an investment that represents risks, since it is a speculative value.

It is estimated that the land in the metaverse can cost from $13,000 dollars, although its price will depend on factors similar to those that occur in the real world such as demand, its location, the size of the lot in addition to existing structures and services.

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