Wednesday, February 21

Sánchez, about Feijóo: “Do you want to comply with the Constitution or not? Do you want to continue with the Casado path or not?”

One more year the Judiciary has reached the National Holiday with its mandate expired. They go three and approaching the four. But this time he has done it in an unprecedented situation and aggravated by the resignation of the president, Carlos Lesmes. At the reception at the Royal Palace were the main protagonists of the “last chance” to unblock the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo were, yes, away from the room, despite having the “shared will” that this time the negotiation comes to fruition. The Government recognizes that it has to put a landing strip for the PP so that it can turn to the agreement and that is what remains to be defined. Despite the rapprochement, Pedro Sánchez has kept up the pressure on Alberto Núñez Feijóo: “The PP has to make a decision: whether or not to comply with the 1978 pact.”

The Government and the PP agree to make a “last attempt” to renew the Judicial Power after the resignation of Lesmes

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“There is not much debate on this. Do you want to comply or not with the Constitution? Do you want to continue on the path of [Pablo] Married or not?”, the President of the Government has asked himself rhetorically in the huddles with the journalists. “When the PP decided on the previous renewals, it was resolved in an afternoon. Here the key is whether he follows the Casado line or not”, insisted the socialist leader, who is trying to dismantle Feijóo’s image of a moderate.

On the other side of the room, the leader of the opposition insisted, along the same lines as the Government and the PP in the last two days, that there are options to reach an agreement. However, he insisted on the condition that Sánchez commit in writing that, after the renewal of the CGPJ, the law be modified to change the system of election of the governing body of the judges. Sanchez has ruled it out.

Sánchez maintains that the renewal of the Judiciary cannot be conditioned to a legislative change for which he has recalled that there is currently not a sufficient parliamentary majority (given that the PSOE rejects it). “Congress has rejected that formula twice. That has not changed. The PP knows that this is not going to change the position of the Government and the PSOE”, explained the president, who has appealed, in any case, to caution, under the premise that ways must be explored that allow an agreement to be reached .

“That’s something else”, he answered the question of whether he would see fit to renew the Judiciary and that it be the new governing body of the judges that makes a report on the possible renewal of the election system. However, the Government does not want to take for granted that this option could be the way out of the blockade or that it has been on the negotiating table on which they assure that there have been “many things”. “It is progressing adequately,” the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, who is in charge of discussing the matter with Esteban González Pons, the one appointed by Feijóo to negotiate judicial matters, is limited to saying.