Tuesday, July 5

Sánchez accuses the PP of “supporting” Algeria in its “pressure” on Spain

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has accused the Popular Party of “supporting third countries” in reference to the crisis with Algeria: “If a third country pressures Spain and the EU supports Spain, they support the third country that press.”

This has been stated at a rally in Cártama (Málaga), in which he has participated together with the candidate for the presidency of the Board, Juan Espadas, and in which he has criticized the attitude of the popular, who “speak ill of Spain within and out”.

Thus, in reference to the recent change of president of the PP, Sánchez has ironized that “it was not necessary for them to fire their leader”, since it is “the same PP as always”, the one that “blocks and denies any social advance to the country ”.

In addition, he has also criticized the blocking position of the popular formation on other issues such as the gas cap or employment: “If the EU approves setting a price on gas, the PP does not support it. If employment is skyrocketing, they say that the data is made up.

The Algerian mission to the European Union denounced this Friday “precipitation” by the European Commission, by supporting Spain in the diplomatic crisis due to the suspension of the Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighborly Relations, after assuring that the step taken by Algiers it does not affect the agreement with the EU.

A step back from Algeria

Algeria denied this Friday that its announcement to suspend the friendship treaty with Spain and to stop financial transactions between the two countries meant the freezing of “current commercial transactions.” Algeria also declared that it guarantees the supply of gas. This was done in a statement released after the one issued by the heads of EU trade and diplomatic policy, Valdis Dombrovskis and Josep Borrell, in which they saw a possible violation of the EU-Algeria association agreement in the Maghreb government’s announcements. And, accordingly, they opened the door to commercial retaliation.

In the statement from the Algerian Government there is also criticism of the European Commission: “The Algerian mission to the European Union regrets the haste with which the European Commission has reacted without prior consultation or verification with the Algerian Government in relation to the suspension for Algeria is part of a bilateral political treaty with a European partner, in this case Spain, without ensuring that this measure does not directly or indirectly affect the commitments contained in the Algeria-European Union Association Agreement”.

In this sense, the Spanish Government has shown its satisfaction with the rectification of Algeria after the support of the European Union with a statement from Brussels in which it warns that it is willing to “deal with any type of coercive measure” that it takes against one of its member states.


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