Friday, September 24

Sánchez accuses the PP of “twitching” in the face of economic recovery

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has boasted this Saturday that the recovery of Spain when the PSOE governs are “fast, fair and exemplary”, compared to the recoveries “slow, unfair and with corruption” of the right. In a ceremony in Jaén with the mayor of Seville and secretary general of the party in Andalusia, Juan Espadas, the chief executive accused the opposition of not celebrating the successes. “All he does is scream and twitch,” he said.

Sánchez has compared the management of the 2008 crisis of the right against that of the current health crisis: “Where before there were cuts, today there is a defense of the public; where there was corruption, today there is exemplary; and where there was a devaluation of salaries Today there is a government committed to the SMI and its increases. ” He also highlighted that unemployment data “have been reducing for six months”, both youth and female unemployment, along with the increase in Social Security, which means that “we are practically at pre-pandemic levels” .

“Those who denied that Spain was advancing towards 70% of the vaccinated population are those who now deny that it is advancing towards recovery. Well, I tell you that they were wrong and they will be wrong again: Spain leads vaccination and will lead the economic recovery in Europe “, he highlighted. Precisely, regarding the vaccination campaign, the president stressed that the milestone reached this week, according to epidemiologists, “could represent the beginning of overcoming the pandemic” and “talk about saving lives and the public health of the whole of Spain” .

Likewise, Sánchez has criticized that “the opposition said that the compromise would not be reached, since objective achieved, objective achieved, that is what the socialist government does and it is the difference between one and the other, we comply, while the opposition the only thing that it does is scream and twitch. ”

In addition, the President of the Government has appealed to the President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, to “put the batteries” and execute the “1,000 million euros of direct aid” that, according to Sánchez, has granted the Central Executive to the Andalusian for companies of the community and of which, for the moment, only 50 million would have been executed.

“We have heard regional presidents, in particular the one from here (Andalusia), say that the Government of Spain does not give aid so that companies can be saved,” said Sánchez, who concluded: “We gave the Board one billion for direct aid to save companies “, but the Autonomous Administration” has executed 50 million euros “only. For this reason, the President of the Government has called to “be rigorous, serious and committed to this land when the resources of the Government of Spain are given to the Board.”

For his part, the general secretary of the PSOE in Andalusia, who has received the support of the members of the Government present at the event, has asked the president of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno, to hold an “urgent meeting to agree on the lines of the Board Budget 2022 as the main political tool “to get the region out of the crisis. A request that, he explained, he already made “officially in writing” this Friday to open a negotiation in which to discuss “the main needs” of the Andalusians and try to reach agreements.

He has acknowledged that “that project of a right-wing government will never be the socialist budget”, but “stand by, leave the Andalusian Government in the face of a new Vox kidnapping” or an “extension” of the current accounts without trying to remove forward the new “is the greatest weakness and unproductiveness of a government.” Given that, he has advocated for demonstrating “that it is capable of reaching agreements with the forces” by an autonomous executive in which “some are reflecting on idiocy and others do not stop taking pictures next to the fried eggs” . Hence, he has vindicated another way of doing politics, like the one that, as he has stressed, the socialists practice.

Together with Sánchez and Espadas, the general secretary of the PSPV and president of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig; the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, and the spokesperson for the Socialist Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Ángeles Férriz. The head of the Treasury has warned that “in this country, whoever has not stepped in through the bad times will be seen at the polls with the rejection of all citizens.”

During his speech, Montero insisted that the success of vaccination, which places Spain as one of the leading countries in this matter, has been possible “due to the efforts of the Government, professionals, military, police, civil guards, volunteers “, in short, for” the whole of society that has understood that it was essential to get together as one in the fight against the virus. ” “Everyone understood it,” he stressed, “except the usual ones,” he said in reference to those who “the only thing that interests them is to put Chinese on the road” because they believe that “in the hands of wear and tear they will reach the Moncloa “.

The minister has delved into the idea defended by Sánchez that this crisis has made visible the difference between when the left governs and the right governs, so that, “in front of the ‘for himself who can’ practiced by the PP with eliminatory fiscal policies” , the Executive of Sánchez has bet that “no one is left behind.”

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