Saturday, April 1

Sánchez allocates 1,000 million for agribusiness: “European funds cannot be wasted”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Monday that the Council of Ministers will approve a strategic project for the agribusiness sector with one billion euros of public investment and the expectation of “leverage“Another two billion euros of private investment.

This has been transferred during a visit to a deep geothermal project promoted by the Cardial company in Nijar (Almeria), where he has argued that it will have a special link with the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of Renewable Energies, Green Hydrogen and Storage.

“Spain has enormous potential to become a reference in the new energy model. Andalusia has all the conditions, all the attributes to become a new industry in this energy transition that improves and even transforms the energy model. industrial growth“, the president has maintained.

Sánchez maintains that when one speaks of energy, one speaks of industry, which can convert Andalusia, with projects such as Cardial, into a more industrialized economy in the XXI century, something that just a few years ago seemed like a “chimera”, thanks to public-private collaboration and the support of public institutions.

In the case of the Cardial project, he stressed that this sector “incipient” will boost the competitiveness of a “very consolidated sector” such as the agribusiness.

The strategic project that will be approved tomorrow, like the green hydrogen project, will be borne by European funds, which are “a great opportunity” that the Government “will not waste“. “It means giving opportunities in territories that years ago could not imagine becoming energy producers,” he pointed out.

For this reason, he maintains that both strategic projects have a “relationship“, because” in the end everything is headed in the same direction, reindustrialize the country and generate employment (…) which is what we are seeing today in Níjar.

In this way, he asserts that although they are concepts that “Possibly today they are not in public conversations,” in the economic, industrial and energy sectors, there is talk of such reindustrialization, and in the case of agribusiness of competitive improvement, the circular economy, etc.

Because, he said, that is what is sought, a more sustainable and environmentally friendly model, which contributes social and territorial cohesion, as well as opportunities.

It has had an impact on the synergy that will be produced between thermal renewables and agribusiness, a sector that represents the 9% of national GDP and 2.3 million jobs, 15% of the GDP in Andalusia and work for 500,000 Andalusians.

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He rated the “leadership” of the Third Vice Presidency on energy transition, with the support of institutions and productive sectors, affirming that this project well represents the goal of a decarbonized and decentralized energy model.

Likewise, he has highlighted that thanks to the European Feder funds they are linking in Andalusia €60 million for 44 projects, five in Almería, deep geothermal, and that in terms of electric renewable energy another 73 million have been allocated for 37 projects in the community.