Wednesday, May 18

Sánchez and Aragonès agree to reconvene the dialogue table during the third week of September

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and that of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, have agreed to reconvene the dialogue table during the third week of September in Barcelona. Before that, the teams of both will work to agree on both a methodology and an agenda, as announced by Aragonès after the meeting held at Moncloa. The head of the Government has assured that the meeting has served “to verify the distant positions” between the two regarding “how to resolve the conflict”, despite what he has assured that the two presidents have reaffirmed themselves in the Pedralbes declaration.

Sánchez and Aragonès have been meeting in Moncloa for just over two hours. It was a first formal meeting after the investiture of the ERC candidate, but it occurs at a turning point in the relations between the Generalitat and the Government after the pardons that led to the release from prison of the nine independence leaders imprisoned by the procés .

The president of the Generalitat has brought his most symbolic claims: the self-determination referendum and the amnesty. But in the brown folder that he carried under his arm, he included other more specific measures, related to European funds or investments such as that of El Prat airport. Sánchez, for his part, welcomes starting the dialogue on issues where there may be meeting points, such as infrastructure or deepening self-government, while self-determination and amnesty are red lines for socialists.

“This is not a courtesy meeting, but a work meeting,” said the Government spokesperson, Patricia Plaja, who has put the accent on the claims of the Generalitat on the case in the Court of Accounts. Plaja has advanced that Aragonès would once again raise with Sánchez the need for the Government to “work on a solution” to the millionaire bonds that the supervisory body claims from 34 former high-ranking officials and officials of the Catalan Administration.

The Government recognizes the complicated situation with respect to the Court of Accounts but sees little room for action for now. While the Generalitat asks for a solution, the Executive demands the PP not to block the renewal of that administrative body whose mandate expires in July and a three-fifths majority of Congress and the Senate are required to elect new councilors. The spokeswoman, María Jesús Montero, has accused Pablo Casado of blocking the institutions so that they work with a majority that benefits him.