Thursday, December 7

Sánchez and Aragonès will meet on July 15

There is already a date for the meeting between the President of the Government and that of the Generalitat. Pedro Sánchez and Pere Aragonès will meet on July 15 in Madrid, a meeting that the head of the Government had been demanding since the case of espionage against pro-independence leaders broke out last April through the Pegasus program. The meeting will serve to turn the page on the crisis and reaffirm the will of both Executives to channel the sovereign dispute through a political agreement.

Sánchez will use the debate of the Nation as a rehearsal for a new, more recognizable strategy for the left

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This is one of the conclusions of the meeting held this Friday at the Palau de la Generalitat by the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, and his counterpart in the Government, Minister Laura Vilagrà. The meeting allows to resume the understanding between the central Executive and one of its main parliamentary partners facing the end of the legislature.

In the words of Bolaños, the meeting has served so that the Government and Generalitat have reached an agreement “that is committed to dialogue and political solutions”. “The path of dialogue works, we are going to persevere in it because it is the best and only way to move forward,” said Bolaños.

Despite the fact that the Government verbally proclaimed that it was freezing relations with the central government due to the espionage admitted by the National Intelligence Center (CNI), the communication channels with the central Executive have not been completely broken. Bolaños and Vilagrà have met up to three times to address the Pegasus crisis, and during all this time Esquerra has prevented the Government from losing important votes in Congress.

The return – albeit momentary – of ERC to the fold of the investiture partners occurs on the eve of a key moment in the legislature: next week, Congress will hold a State of the Nation debate in which the Government wants to explain a turn to the left and in whose final votes the Republicans may once again be essential.

The tension between Executives that the Pegasus case generated has moderated after the departure of the person in charge of the CNI during the espionage of the independentists, Paz Esteban, who resigned on May 10. Aragonès’ complaint, one of the dozens of politicians, activists, journalists and lawyers spied on, is directed solely against Esteban herself and the Israeli company that sells the ‘software’. From a political point of view, the Catalan Executive is no longer asking for the resignation of the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, whose head Aragonès came to claim at the end of April.