Thursday, September 16

Sánchez and the president of Ceuta agree to return the minors to Morocco through the “route” established by the Immigration Law

The nearly 800 Moroccan minors who arrived alone in Ceuta during the diplomatic crisis last May will be returned to their country by “the means established by the regulations of the Immigration Law” in “the shortest possible time.” This has been agreed on Wednesday in a meeting at the Palacio de la Moncloa by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Chief Executive of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas, and in which the possibility of transferring these children and adolescents to other places in the peninsula, as reported by the latter at a press conference. “The objective is to return to the neighboring country,” Vivas assured.

The government’s lurch in immigration: from welcoming the Aquarius to returning minors without complying with the Aliens Act

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In the meeting, which has lasted for about an hour and a half, the president of Ceuta has assured that Sánchez has promised to “activate” all the “capacities and resources” to guarantee both repatriations – for example, expediting the files individualized measures of each minor— such as the “sustainability” of a situation that has been described as “unsustainable”. These children and adolescents have been under the supervision of the local Administration since last May, housed in precarious conditions in temporary spaces set up in sports centers, prefabricated modules and in the only center for minors in the city. In addition, Vivas has recognized that a “notable percentage” of them are on the streets and in “absolute precarious conditions”.

Sánchez and Vivas have met this Wednesday to find a way out of this crisis after the shortcut agreed by the Government of Ceuta, the Ministry of the Interior and Morocco to return the minors without carrying out individual files and without giving them a hearing ran aground in the courts . This operation has also divided the Coalition Executive. The ministries of Podemos have been against and have warned of the serious consequences that this decision has “the sole responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior.”

This Tuesday, the contentious administrative court number 1 of Ceuta maintained the precautionary paralysis of these repatriations, considering that the Administration has not complied with “any” of the procedures required by law. In this new resolution – which joins another from last week in the same sense – the magistrate dismisses the argument put forward by the State Bar, which appealed to the “exceptionality” situation that emerged in the autonomous city in recent months. to justify non-compliance with the Immigration Law.

With this appointment, Sánchez has personally assumed the management of the crisis. The matter is delicate because practically since his arrival in La Moncloa, Sánchez promised a new direction in immigration policy, opened the ports to the Aquarius and said he wanted to mark another path in Europe. That has been more than three years and now it is a judge who is pointing out the Ministry of the Interior for breaking the law in the return of children and adolescents to Morocco. His interlocutor, the Ceuta president, of the PP, has supported from minute one the procedure that had previously been agreed by the Interior, which in turn had paved the way with the Moroccan authorities.

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