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Sánchez announces a cultural voucher of 400 euros for 18-year-olds

Pedro Sánchez has announced a cultural voucher for young people who will receive a “direct aid” of 400 euros when they turn 18 for the purchase of books and the consumption of any cultural or artistic activity, such as theater, cinema or concerts. This is a help similar to that of countries such as France or Italy that the Government wants to promote with the Budgets of 2022. “It is a measure that is committed to young people and to an industry that has suffered so much in these months of pandemic”, Sánchez has expressed, which he considers to be an “exciting” initiative.

Married will prevent governments of the PP from applying the regulation of rents and will resort to the Constitutional

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Shortly after making that announcement, coinciding with Cinema Day, the government’s minority partner celebrated the initiative and took credit for its launch. “The budget agreement will include a youth cultural bonus at the proposal of United We Can”, the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has expressed on Twitter. “Supporting the arts and the future of young people was an essential condition for budgets that should be a boost to culture,” added the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz.

The president had taken the opportunity to make that announcement during the press conference in Slovenia after the European Council meeting in which the price of electricity was discussed and in which he insisted that the EU must take measures to guarantee , among other things, a strategic energy reserve. “The Government of Spain is doing everything possible so that the unprecedented and unprecedented rise that is taking place in natural gas and in the electricity market does not affect the electricity bill and the gas bill by consumers, SMEs and Spanish industry, “said Sánchez before one of the problems that most worries the Executive.

According to diplomatic sources, “the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, proposed to return to the subject during an in-depth debate at the next summit in Brussels, on October 21 and 22. Even so, the Spanish president and the Czech prime minister intervened. , Andrej Babis All leaders will have the opportunity to discuss the matter in depth after the proposal of the European Commission [prevista para el 13 de octubre]”.

“Turn a problem into a right”

Sánchez has also defended himself from criticism of the housing law -which includes an 18-month moratorium from its approval-, which comes to him especially from the right, who considers that it intervenes in private property -and from the PP, which has already announced that it will appeal despite the fact that there is still not even a draft – as well as the housing bond that it announced on Tuesday. “The problem that young people have is that the age of emancipation is unaffordable,” he assured: “We are convinced that these aid will serve to emancipate themselves sooner.”

The main criticism that the Government is receiving about this measure is that it may have a counterproductive effect that leads to a rise in rental prices. In fact, it is the position expressed by United We Can, which was unaware of the initiative that the public accounts will collect after closing an agreement within the coalition. “I am concerned that the aid in the fund is a way for landlords to raise the price and not only do not help young people but also that the whole world is harmed because the set of rents in the country may rise as a consequence of these aid “, affirmed the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, in an interview on Hora 25 of Cadena SER.

Sánchez has also defended the agreement for the housing law, which will entail the ability of the autonomous communities to put a ceiling on rents in stressed areas if they so establish, and has reproached the PP for questioning the norm without even having seen it. “It is a law committed to the social and responsible and balanced in what the owner represents in our country,” he said.

“You can not say no to a bill that has not had the opportunity to read or debate in the Parliament, and close the door to an agreement on a pending problem,” he said before insisting: “I would ask to the opposition that the text be read before announcing that it is going to appeal it to the Constitutional Court and give an opportunity to the parliamentary procedure. It is a problem that affects the whole of the citizenship over the ideologies. It has nothing to do with voting to the right or to the left or to the center, but with the fact that housing is a real problem and it must be turned into a right “. It has also opted for solutions to the housing problem to become a “state pact”.

“As this law was proposed within the framework of internal negotiations of the Government, I want to value that we are going to have General State Budgets in this coming year because they are going to give answers to scholarships, to housing, to the dependence of our elders, to primary care, to everything that has to do with employment and the protection of workers, including the self-employed, “added the president on the project that will be approved this Thursday in an extraordinary Council of Ministers.

“We will be to what the Prosecutor’s Office says” about the emeritus

“We will be to what the Prosecutor’s Office says.” This is how Pedro Sánchez has dispatched the answer on the intention of the public ministry to archive the investigations to the king emeritus. “From the Government of Spain we have always defended the equality of all Spaniards, whatever their names are and their last names”, he said at a press conference in Slovenia, where he participated in the European Council in which he assured who has heard the news.

“What the Tax Agency and the Prosecutor’s Office have done is to investigate in absolute freedom with all the financial and material resources they need to be able to investigate every last fact that should be subject to investigation,” he added.

Sánchez has avoided pronouncing a hypothetical return of Juan Carlos I to Spain once the proceedings are filed. “It is not up to me to answer it,” he said about the question asked.

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